Treatment Of Blood Origined Parimlayi

Measures and remedies mentioned in connection with the Pittaja type of Timira should be employed in a case of blood-origined Parimlayi. In the alternative, the remedial agents prescribed for the treatment of the different kinds of Ophthalmia (Abhi-shyanda) should be as well prescribed according to the nature of the deranged Doshas involved in the case. In case the deranged Doshas arc not thereby subdued, Nasyas of the proper drug, as well as the many other Anjanas (collyrium) mentioned in the (next) Chapter on Kriya-kalpa should be employed. 30.

Diet: - A person carefully partaking of old and matured clarified butter, Triphald, S'atavari, Patola, Mudga, Amalaka, Yava (barley) as diet enjoys immunity from all attacks of the dreadful Timira. Simply the Payasa† prepared with S'atavari, or with Amalaka or a meal of barley corns cooked with the decoction of Triphala and a copious quantity of clarified butter would remove (an attack of) Timira. The use of such edibles as Jivanti, Suniskannaka, Tanduliyaka, Vastuka, Chilli, Mulaka as well as meat of birds (such as Lava, etc.) and Jangala animals (e g. deer, etc.) should be considered as invigorating to eye-sight. The use of the leaves or fruit (as the case may be) of Patola, Karkotaka, Karavella, Vartaku, Tarkdri, Karira (tender bamboo plants), S'igru or Artagala, cooked with clarified butter, proves beneficial (invigoratiog) to the sight. 31.

* According to some, the measures and remedies to be applied in such cases are the measures of Rasa-kriya applicable in cases of Vataja, Pittaja and Kaphaja Timira.

† The Payasa of S'ala'vari and A' malaki should be prepared by duly cooking S'ala'vari or A'malaki, as the case may be, with milk and sugar. According to others, however, it means the gruel (Yavagu) prepared with the expressed juice of S'ala'vari or A'malaki.

Blood-letting (venesection) should never be resorted to in a case of Timira, marked by the redness of the affected eye in as much as it might bring about an aggravation of the deranged Doshas ending in blindness of the patient. 32.

Prognosis: - A case of Timira marked by the absence of any redness of the eye and in which the first Patala (coat) of the organ is the seat of the disease, is curable (Sadhya). The case in which the eye assumes a bright red hue and the second coat or Patala of the organ is the seat of the disease, may be regarded as a curable one though only with the greaterst difficulty (Krichchhra-Sa'dhya). The case in which the third coat or Patala of the organ is the seat of the disease (characterised by the redness of its outer coat) should be regarded as (an incurable affection) admitting only of palliative treatment (Yapya). Proper palliative measures and remedies mentioned before should be employed in cases of Timira marked by a redness (of the affected organ), and leeches may also be applied to the region of the affection (to relieve it of its exuberance of the Dosha in cases of emergency). 33