Description Of The Saiak

The Salaka (rod) should be made to measure eight fingers in length, its middle part being covered with strings of thread and resembling the upper section of the thumb in circumference and its ends terminating in the form of a bud. The rod (Salaka) should be prepared of copper, iron or gold. 43.

Derangements due to defective Operation

Redness of the eye, local swelling, sucking pain, (appearance of) Arvuda or Vudvuda, hog-like eye (Sukarakshita) * and ophthalmia etc. are due to the improper handling of the rod or to the use of improper regimen of diet and conduct. These should be remedied according to the nature of the deranged Dosha involved in each case. 44.

Their Treatment

Now again hear me discourse on the (specific) medicines to be employed in cases of pain or redness in the eyes. A medicinal plaster composed of Gairika, S'ariva, Durva, and barley pasted with milk † and clarified butter, should be applied lukewarm (about the eyes) for the subsidence of pain and redness. A plaster (Lepa) prepared of Siddharthaka (white mustard seeds) and slightly fried sesamum seeds pasted with the expressed juice of Matulunga, or one prepared of Payasya (Kshira-kakoli), Sariva, Patra, Manjishtha and Yashti-madhu pasted together with the milk of a she-goat, if applied lukewarm to the affected region, removes the pain and redness of the eyes. A plaster composed of Daru, Pad-maka, and S'unthi, prepared and used in the same way is likewise recommended for the purpose. A plaster of Draksha, Yashti-madhn, Kushtha and Saindhava should be likewise used. Cow's milk cooked with Saindhava should also be used for the alleviation of pain and redness of the eye. Clarified butter duly cooked with the admixture of S'atavari, Prithak-parni, Musta, Amalaka, Padmaka and the milk of a she-goat, should be applied (cold) to the affected organ (eye) for the alleviation of pain and burning sensation therein. Clarified butter duly cooked with the Kalka of the drugs of the Kakolyadi group with a quantity of milk four times the weight of the clarified butter, previously cooked with the drugs of the Vayu-subduing (Bhadra-darvadi) group (in the manner of Kshira-paka) should be considered as efficacious in any form (internally or externally in cases of ocular affections. The affected organ should be treated with Sneha emulsive (applications) and (Sveda), fomentation and opening of the veins (Sira) or cauterisation (by honey, clarified butter, or treacle) as described before, should be resorted to in cases where the foregoing remedies would fail to produce any effect. 45-46.

*Both Virinda and Chakradatta reads "Kekarakshita" i. e. a squinting look.

Vrinda and Chakradatta following Vagbhata do not read "Payas" (milk) and they read the first line of this couplet in a different form.

Eye Sight Invigorating Anjana

Now hear me describe two beneficial recipes of Anjana which would invigorate the eye-sight and impart a clearness of vision. Flowers of Mesha-S'ringi, S'irisha, Dhava and of Malati together with pearl and Vaidurya (ruby) should be pounded and made into a paste with the addition of the milk of a she-goat. The compound thus prepared should be kept in a copper vessel for a week and then made into Vartis (sticks) of convenient lengths and applied to the eyes in the manner of an Anjana. A Varti (stick) should be similarly prepared with Srotonjana, coral, Samudra-phena, Manah-s'ila and Maricha and used similarly as an Anjana (eye-salve). It imparts steadiness of vision. The many other Anjanas to be described in the next Chapter (Kriya-kalpa) may also be beneficially applied for the purpose. 47 - 48.

Thus ends the seventeenth chapter in the Uttara-Tantra of the Sus'ruta-Samhita which treats of the curative measures of the diseases of the Drishti (pupil).