A compound consisting of Phánita( treacle boiled down to a sticky consistency) and honey should be applied to the affected organ as an Anjana in a case of Sirá'-harsha. Similar applications of compounds composed of Rasánjana (Antimony) pasted with honey, or of Saindhava and Kás'is'a (Sulphate of iron) pasted with honey, or of Vetrámla * and Saindhava pasted with Phánita and breast-milk would likewise prove highly efficacious. 12.

Treatment Of Arjuna

All the measures and remedies for Pittábhishyanda should be employed in cases of Arjuna eye-discase. The expressed juice of sugar-cane, honey, sugar, breast-milk, Dáru-haridra, Yashti-madhu and Saindhava should be used in combination as a wash (Seka), or as an Anjana. Amla (Kánjika, etc.) should also be used as an Áśchyotana (eyedrop) in such cases. The following drugs, vis., sugar, Yashti-madliu, Katvanga, Mastu, Amla, honey, Saindhava, Vija-puraka, Kola and Dádimba of acid taste and other acid fruits cither singly or in combination of two or three should be judiciously used (as an Áśchyotana with a due consideration of the vitiated Dosha in each case). 13-14.

These two following compounds viz., of Spliatika (crystal), Vidruma (coral), S'amkha (conch-shell), and Yashti-madhu, pasted with honey, as well as of S'amkha, sugar, and Samudra-phena pasted with honey, if used as an Anjana would prove curative in a case of Arjuna eye-disease. Saindhava and Kataka pasted with honey, or Rasánjana pasted with honey, or Kás'isa (Sulphate of iron) pasted with honey, should constantly be applied as an Anjana to the affected organ. 15.

* Dallana explains "Vetrámla" as "Arula vetasa". Some, however, divide it into two words viz., "Vetra" and "Amla" meaning thereby sprouts of Vetra (cane) an 1 Amla-velasa respectively.


All kinds of powdered (dead) metals (Gold, Silver, Iron, Copper, etc.) and metallic substances (Mauah-s'ilá, Gairika, etc.), (the five officinal kinds of) salt, all kinds of gems (Vaidurya, coral etc.), the teeth (of cows, horses, etc.), the horns (of cows, etc.), the drugs of the sedative (Avasádana) * group, pulverised shells of hen's eggs, Las'una (garlic), Trikatu, Karanja seeds and Ela (cardamom) mixed together and used as an Anjana, should be regarded as Scarifying (Lekhya) in their action. 16.

Treatment Of ŚUkra

In a case of non-ulcerated (A-vrana) Śukra (milky film or white fleshy growth in the eye) a skilful physician shall (first) adopt all the preceding measures prescribed in the treatment of (Blood-origined) Abhishyanda,† beginning with Rakta-visrávana (Venesection) and ending with Puta-pâka (and these failing, the Lekhyánjana- collyrium for scarifying) should be adopted. A case of ulcerated (Sa-vrana) Śukra whether superficial or deep-seated ‡ or rough should be treated in the same manner. 17-18.

* The group beginning with Kás'isa - See Chapter XXXVI (Medical Treatment Of An Attack By Naigarhesha (Naigamesha-Pratishedha)), Sutra-Slhana, page 334, Vol. I.

† See paras 3 and 4 of this Chapter.

‡ "Superficial" (Uttâna) is here used in the sense of "seated in the first layer'" and "deep sealed'" (Avagádha) 'seated in the second layer'.

In a case of Sukra the affected part should be rubbed (scarified) with a compound consisting of Sirisha-seeds, Maricha, Pippali and Saindhava pounded together, or with Saindhava alone. A compound composed of powdered copper, Manah-s'ild, Maricha and Saindhava each preceding drug being taken in a quantity double the one immediately succeeding it in the order of enumeration *, should be pounded together and made into a thin paste. Applied as an Anjana to the seat of the disease, it will cure a case of Sukra. As alternatives, the two compounds composed of S'amkha, stones of Kolas, Kataka, Drahshd, Yashti-madhu, Makshika (honey), or of teeth (of cows, etc.), Samudra-phena and S'irisha flower and honey should be applied to the affected locality in the manner of applying an Anjana. The Ksha'-ranjana (alkaline collyrium) mentioned in connection with the medical treatment of Valasa-grathita.† may as well be profitably employed as an Anjana (eye-salve) in the present disorder. Eye-salves made of fried husk-less Mudga pulse, (burnt) S'amkha and sugar mixed with honey, or of the pith of Madhuka pasted with honey, or of the inner pulps of the stones of Vibhitaka pasted with honey should be constantly used as an Anjana, in cases of the eye-disease known as Sukra. A compound consisting of conch-shell, oyster-shell, Draksha, Yashti-madhu, Kataka and honey may be used and soothing application (Tarpana) antidotal to the deranged bodily Vayu, should be resorted to in cases of Sukra, if the second layer (Patala) of the eye is attended with pain (Sula). 19 - 21.

* One part of Saindhava, two parts of Maricha, four of Manahsala, eight of S'amkha and sixteen parts of copper should be taken in the preparation of the compound.

† See Chapter XI (Curative Treatment Of Abhishvanda Due To The Deranged Action Of Leshmá (ŚIleshmáBhishyanda-Pratishedha)), para 6,

Young bamboo-sprouts, Arushkara, Tala (palm) and Narikela (cocoanut) * should be burnt to ashes and alkaline water should be duly prepared therewith. The burnt ashes of elephant's bones should be soaked several (seven) times with the above alkaline preparation in the manner of Bhavana saturation. The application of this preparation in the manner of an Anjana tends to remove the discolouring nature (whiteness) of a case of Sukra †. 22.