Clarified butter should be duly cooked with an adequate quantity of water and the Kalka of Yashti-madhu, Tagara, Kushtha, Bhadra-dáru, Harenu, Punnága, Eld, Ela-váluka, Nágakes am, Utpala, sugar, Vidanga, Chandana, Patra, Priyangu, Dhyá-maka, the two kinds Haridrá, the two kinds of Vrihati, the two kinds of Sárivá, Sthirá (Sála-parni) and Sahá (Prisni-parni). It is called the Ajeya Ghrita. It speedily destroys all kinds of poison in the system and is infallible in its efficacy. 27.


A patient afflicted with the effects of Dushi-Visha inherent in the system should be first fomented and cleansed by both emetics and purgatives. The following anti-poisonous Agada (medicine) should then be taken daily. The recipe of this Agada is as follows: - Pippali, Dhyámaka, Mámsi, Sávara (Lodhra), Paripelava *, Suvarchiká, small Eld, Toya (Bálaka) and Suvama-Gairika should be taken with honey. It destroys, when taken, the Dushi-Visha (slow chemical poisoning) in the system. It is called the Vishári-Agada and its efficacy extends also to cases of all other kinds of poisoning. 28.

Treatment Of The Supervening Symptoms Of Poisoning

Cases of fever, burning sensation in the body, hic-cough, constipation of the bowels, loss of semen, swelling, diarrhoea, epileptic fits, heart-disease, ascites, insanity, shivering, and such other supervening symptoms (consequent on the effects of a Dushi-Visha inherent in the system) should be treated with remedies laid down under the respective heads of the aforesaid diseases in accompaniment with (suitable) anti-poisonous medicines. 29.

* "Paripelava" means either "Dhanyaka" or "Kaivartta-Mustaka".

Prognosis: - A case of Dwshi-Visha poisoning in a prudent and judicious person, and of recent growth is easily cured, while palliation is the only relief that can be offered in a case of more than a year's standing. In an enfeebled and intemperate patient, it should be considered as incurable. 30.

Thus ends the sceond Chapter of the Kalpa Sthána in the Sus'ruta Samhitá which treats of the Sthávara and jangama poisons.