Chapter I

The mode of Preserving Food and Drink from the effects of Poison: - The necessary qualifications of a Superintendent of the Royal Kitchen - The necessary features of a Royal Kitchen. - Characteristic features of a Poisoner. - Indications of poisoned food and drink, etc. - General treatment. - The mode of preparing Soup, etc. . . 673 - 684.

Chapter II

The Indications (Effects, Nature and Operations) of Sthavara Poisons: - Sthavara Poison - Its source. - Names of the different Vegetable and Mineral poisons. - Effects of poison on the Human organism. - Effects of Bulb-poisons - Specific properties and actions of Bulb-poisons - Definition of Dushi-visha - Symptoms of weak and slow poisoning - Derivative meaning of Dushi-visha - Symptoms of the different stages of Stha\ara Poisoning - The medical treatment. - Kcshatakyadi-Yavagu - Ajcya-Ghrita - Vishari Agada. - Treatment of the supervening Symptoms of Poisoning. - Prognosis. . . . . . 685 - 694.

Chapter III

The Subject of (the nature, virtue, etc. of) Animal Poisons: - Different locations - Characteristic features and purifications oJ poisoned Water. - Poisons in the Atmosphere and its purification. - Mythological origin of Poison. - Properties of Poison - Nature and Location of Snake-poison - General treatment of poisoning - Symptoms of taking poison internally. - Fatal bites. - Prognosis. . . . 695 - 702.

Chapter IV

The Specific Features of the Poison of a Snake-bite= - Gasifications of Snakes - Classifications of Snake-bites - Their specific Symptoms - Characteristic features of the different species of Snakes. - Features of the different Castes amongst Snakes. - Particular Habits of the different kinds of Snakes. - Names of the different species of Darvi-kara Snakes - Names of the different species of Mandali Snakes - Names of the different species of Rajiman Snakes - Names of the different species of Nirvisha Snakes - Names and Origin of the different species of Vaikaranja Snakes - Sub-families of the Vaikaranja Snakes. - Characteristic features of Male and Female Snakes - Features of iheir bites - General and specific symptoms of a bite by a Darvi-kara Snake - Specific symptoms of a bite by a Mandali Snake - Specific symptoms of a bite by a Rajiman Snake - Specific symptoms of bites by Snakes of different Sexes and Ages, etc. - Symptoms of the different stages of poisoning from the bites of a Darvi-kara Snake - Different stages of poisoning from the bite of a Mandali Snake - Different stages of poisoning from the bites of a Rajiman Snake. - The Vegantara (or the intervening) Stages. - Different Stages of poisoning in cases of Lower Animals. - Different stages of poisoning in cases of Birds. . . 703 - 714.

Chapter V

The medical treatment of Snake bites: - General treatment of Snake-bites. - Mantras (Incantations) - Blood-letting in Snake-bites - Specific treatement of the bite by a Hooded (Darvi-kara) Snake, a Mandail Snake and a Rajiman Snake. - Contraindication to blood-letting in cases of Snake-bites. - Dosage of Collyrium, etc., to be resorted to in cases of different Beast;, an I Birds. - General dosage of medicines in casus of Snakebites - Specific treatment of poisoning according to the Physical Symp'oms - Specific treatment of the different Supervening Symptoms. - Remedy for the aggravated Doshas due to Poison - Medical treatment of persons made unconscious from the effects 01 a Fall or Suspended Animation. - Symptoms of wounds from Poisoned Darts, etc. - Treatment of a Poisoned Wound - Recipe of different Agadas - Mahagada - Ajitngada - Tarkshya'gada - Risha-bhagada - Sanjivana Agada - Darvi-kara Rajila-visha-hara-Agada - Man-dali-visha-hara Agada - Vams'a-tvagadi Agada - Pancha-s'irisha Agada - Sarva-Kamika Agada - Ekasara Agada. . . 715 - 727.

Chapter VI

Cases Of Rat-poisoning -. - Different Varieties of Rats - General Symptoms of Rat-poisoning - Specific symptoms and treatment of Kat-poisoning - General treatment. - Causes of Rabies - Symptoms of Hydrophobia - Prognosis. - Symptoms of Jala-trasa - Its treatment - Treatment of bites by rabid-dogs - Treatment of teeth and nail-scratching. 728 - 736.

Chapter VII

Treatment with the Sounds of a (medicated) Drum, etc., possessed of Anti-venomous Virtues: - Ksharagada - Its Uses and Therapeutic Effects - Kalyinaka-Ghri'.a - Amrita-Ghrita -- Maha-sugandhi Agadi - Rules of Diet and Conduct. - Symptoms of Elimination of Poison.

Chapter VIII

On insects, I.e., the measures, etc. to be adopted in cases of Insect-bites, etc-: - The Germination and Classification of Insects - Insects of Vataja, Pitlaja, Kaphaja and Sannipatika temperaments. - Symptoms of their Bites - The Kanabha class of Insects - The Gaudheyaka class of Insects - S'ata-padi - Manduka (Frogs) - Pipilika (Ants) - Makshika (Stinging Flies) - Mas'akas (Mosquitoes). - Incurable classes - Treatment of a bite by strong and acute-poisoned Insects - Recipes of Remedies in different cases. - Origin and Classification of Scorpions - Specific traits and characteristics of Mild-poisoned Scorpions, Madhya-visha Scorpions and Tikshna-visha Scorpions - Treatment of Scorpion-bites. - Spider-bites. - Development of Luta-poison - Its Potency - Location. - Characteristics of Poison according to its seat in the body of a Spider - Mythological Account of the Origin of Luta- - The different names of Spiders and the general Symptoms of their Bodies - Specific Symptoms of Spider-bites and their Treatment - General Remedies - Specific symptoms of the Incurable cases of Spider-bites - Their treatment. - Surgical Treatment - Treatment of Ulcers incidental to the Bites by Insects or Snakes. . . 742 - 762.

End of the Contents of the Kalapa Sthana