Treatment Of Vyanga, Etc

Láksha, Rodhra, the two kinds of Haridrá, Manahs'ilá, Maritála, Kushtha, Nága (lead), Gairika, Varnaka, Manjishtha, Vacha, Saurashtra-mrittika, Pattanga, Gorochaná, Rasánjana, bark of Hemánga (Champaka), the tender leaves of Vata, Káliya-Káshtha, Padma-káshtha, the filaments of a lotus, both red and white chandana, Mercury * and the drugs of the Kákolyádi group should be pasted together with milk. The paste, thus prepared, as well as lard, marrow, wax, clarified butter, milk, and a decoction of the drugs of the Kshira trees should be cooked together. This medicated clarified butter, is the best of all the unguents that may be applied to the face. It cures the most difficult cases of Vyanga and Niliká, and removes all tans, specks, marks, moles, eruptions, etc., from the face. It imparts smoothness to the wrinkled skin, gives a healthy plumpness and bloom to the cheeks, and makes the face as beautiful as a lotus.

* This is the first time that we come across the mention and use of "Párada" (Mercury) in the Sus'ruta Samhitá. - Ed.

It should be recommended to kings and to the ladies of the royal court, as well as to persons of the same rank. It acts as a good remedy for cutaneous affections (Kushtha), and may be as well applied in cases of Vipádiká. The use of a cosmetic compound consisting of powdered Haritaki, leaves of Nimba, the bark of mango, stems of the pomegranate, and the flowers and leaves of Madyantiká pasted together, imparts a god-like effulgence to the complexion of a man. 20-21.

Thus ends the Twenty-fifth Chapter of the Chikitsita Sthanam in the Sus'ruta Samhita which deals with the treatment of a variety of diseases.