Treatment Of Suppurated Internal Vidradhi

A suppurated internal Vidradhi having bulged up (above the surface of the body) should be opened with a knife and treated in the manner of an (incidental) ulcer. Whether the pus drains through the lower or the upper channel of the body (rectum or mouth) the patient should be made to take the drugs of the Varunádi group or Madhu-s'igru mixed with (a copious quantity of) Maireya, Surá, Asava, or Kánjika. The diet should consist of rice boiled and cooked with white mustard seed in the decoction of Madhu-s'igru and taken with the soup of barley, Kola and Kulalttha pulse. The Tilvaka Ghrita (Chikitsa Sthana, ch. IV.), or clarified butter cooked with the decoction of the Trivritddi group, should be taken every morning in adequate doses for the purpose. Particular care should be taken by the phsyician to guard against the suppuration of an internal abscess, since suppuration in such cases leads but to a slender hope of success. 22-23.

Treatment of Majja-jata Vidradhi:

- The medical treatment of a patient, afflicated with a Majja-jata abscess (abscess affecting the marrow), should be taken in hand without holding out any definite hope of recovery fas a proper course of treatment in such cases does not invariably prove successful). Sneha-karma (anointments, etc.) and fomentations should be first resorted to, after which blood-letting should be made; and the remedial measures of the present chapter should be then employed When it reaches the suppurating stage, the bone should be operated upon, and after the full elimination of the pus and the putrid matter from the incised ulcer, purifying remedies should be employed. The incidental ulcer should be washed with the decoction of the bitter drugs and the Tikta-Sarpis * should be used. An intelligent physician should apply the decoction of the drugs of the Sams'odhaniya group, if the oozing out of the marrow is not arrested. A medicated oil cooked with Priyangu, Dhátaki, Rodhra, Katphala, Nemi †and Saindhava salt should be used in healing up an ulcer incidental to an opened up Vidradhi. 24-25.

Thus ends the sixteenth Chapter of the Chikitsita Sthánam in the Sus'ruta Samhitá which deals with the treatment of abscess.

* This medicated Ghrita (Chikitsita Sthánam, Ch. IX) may be used both internally and externally with good results. Ed.

† Dallana reads "Tini" in place of "Nemi," both of which, however, mean "Tinis'a". Chakradatta does not include "Saindhava" in the list, but reads "TinL'a-twacham" in place of "Nemi-Saindhavam". S'ivadasa, however, adds another reading 'Tinis 'am Dhavam" on the authoiity of Chandrata.