Treatment Of Tridoshaja Bhagandara

A case of Bhagandara, due to the concerted action of the three Doshas, should be treated without holding out any hope of recovery tot he patient's people, or should be given up as hopeless. The measures and remedies mentioned above should be adopted in succession in all types of Bhagandara. In the event of there being any pain in it, owing to the insertion of a knife or to any other surgical operation, luke-warm Anu-taila should be applied. As an alternative, the drugs possessed of the virtue of subduing the deranged Váyu (Bhadra-dárvádi and Erandádi groups) should be boiled in a pot covered by a lid having a hole or aperture on its top; then the patient with his rectum anointed with oil, etc., should be made to sit in such a way over the said covered pot that the seat of the disease may be fomented with the warm fumes escaping through that aperture; or Nádi-sveda should be applied to the affected region through a pipe in a recumbent posture to alleviate the pain. As an alternative, a hot bath should be prescribed for the alleviation of the pain. Sálvana Upanáha (described in connection with the treatment of Váta-vyadhi and that with the skins of the Kadali Mriga, Lopáka and Priyaka, should be applied to the affected locality to subdue the pain. A potion of the drugs or substances such as, Trikatu, Vachá, Hingu, salt (five kinds of salt) and Dipyaka, should be administered with wine, Kánjika, Sauviraka and Kulattha-Soup, etc 11-12.

Jyotishmati, Lángalaki, S'vámá, Danti, Trivrit, Tila, Kushtha, S' atáhvá,Golomi, Tilvaka, Giri-karniká, Kásisa and the two kinds of Kánchana-kshiri, compose the group which is possessed of the virtue of purifying (afistular sore). (The decoction of these substances should be applied for the purification of the ulcer). The sore of a fistula may be filled (healed,) up by the application of (a compound of) Trivrit, Tila, Nagadanti, Manjishthá and rock-salt pasted together with milk and honey. A plaster (Kalka) consisting of Rasánjana, turmeric. Dáru-haridrá, Manjishthá, Nimba leaves, Trivrit, Tejovati and Danti proves curative in a case of sinus The drugs known as Kushtha, Trivrtt, Tila, Danti, Pippali, Saindhava, honey, turmeric, Triphalá and sulphate of copper (Tuttha) arc efficacious in purifying an ulcer 13-16

Oil * cooked (slowly with Pippali. Yashti-madhu, Lodhra, Kushtha, Elá, Harenu, Samangá (Baráha-krántá), Dhátaki flower, Sárivá, the two kinds of Haridrá, Priyangu, Sarja-rasa, Padmaka, Padmá-kes'ara, Sudhá. Vachá,Lángaliká; wax. and Saindhava should be regarded as a potent remedy in healing up the ulcer and curing fistula in-ano. This remedy proves beneficial in cases of scrofula (Ganda-málá), Meha, ulcers and in the Mandala type of cutaneous affections as well. The drugs which constitute the Nyagrodhádi group are efficacious in dis-infecting (Sodhana) and healing up an ulcer. A medicated oil or Ghrita prepared with the pieceding drugs proves curative in a case of fistula in-ano Similarly a medicated oil duly cooked and prepared with the roots of Trivrit, Danti, Haridrá, and Arka, as well as with Vidanga, Triphalá, milk of both Snuhi and Arka, honey and wax should be applied, as it is specifically efficacious in a case of Bhagandara 17-19