Syandana Taiia

Oil slowly cooked and prepared (in the manner aforesaid) with Chitraka, Arka Trivrit, Páthá, Malapu (Kakodumbara). Karavira, Sudhá (Snuhi). Vachá, Lángalaki, Saptaparna, Suvar-chiká and Jyotiskmati, is called the Syandana-Taila and should be constantly applied in a case of Bhagandara. It is efficacious in purifying, healing and imparting a natural skin-colour to the cicatrix. A learned and experienced physician should adopt the remedial measures for this disease according to the procedure laid down under the treatment of Dvi-Vrana, when there is any ulcer (vrana) in existence. 20.

* Four seers of oil, one seer of the drugs and sixteen seers of water should be taken at the time of preparation.

The bulb-like protrusion above the hole of the instrument (speculum) mentioned in connection with the treatment of Ars'as, should be removed and the instrument, now in the shape of a half-moon, should be used by an experienced surgeon in the treatment of a case of fistula-in-ano. The patient should refrain from sexual intercourse, physical exercise, riding, anger, and the use of heavy and indigestible articles of food for a full period of one year even after the healing up of the ulcer in a Bhagandara. 21 - 22.

Thus ends the eighth Chapter of the Chikitsita Sthánam of the Sus'ruta-Samhitá which deals with the treatment of Bhagandara.