Medicated Asavas

Now we shall describe the mode of preparing Asavas. The ashes of burnt Palás'a should be dissolved in hot water and duly filtered. Three parts of this (alkaline) water, subsequently cooled, and two parts of Phánita (molasses) should be mixed together and fermented in the manner of pre-paring Arishta †. Asavas may be similarly prepared with the alkali made of the ashes of sesamum plants (described in connection with the treatment of As'mari - Chapter. VII), or with the drugs constituting the S'ála-sárádi, the Nyagrodhádi, or the Aragvadhádi groups, or with cow's urine as in the preceeding manner. 7.

Medicated Surás

Now we shall describe the process of preparing Suras (wines). A decoction should be duly made of S'ims'pá and Khadira woods with Uttamáram, Bráhmi and Kos'átaki boiled together in water *. Then Surá-kinva (the drug which is used to cause the fermentation in the manufacture of spirits) should be mixed with the above decoction and the compound distilled in the usual officinial method. The liquor thus prepared is called Sará. Surás may be similarly prepared, from the drugs of the S'ála-sárádi, the Aragvadhadi, or the Nyagrodliádi groups. 8.

* Jejjata recommends twenty-eight Pala weight of water, but Gaya-dása does not support this.

† Powders of Putika, Chitraka, etc., mentioned in connection with the preparation of Arishtas should be likewise added to it, - Dallana.

Medicated Avalehas (lambatives) - Now we shall describe (the method of preparing) medicated Avalehas (lambatives). A decoction should be prepared with the Sára (essential parts,) of Khadira, Asana, Nimba, Rája-vriksha and S'ála. † Fine powders of the same drugs should be mixed with the above (decoction) and boiled again. The compound should be removed from the fire neither thick nor thin. The patient should be made to lick a handful ‡ of the compound mixed with honey and be made to abstain from taking any meal in the morning. Similar preparations may be made (Avaleha) from the drugs of the S'ála-sárádi, the Aragvadhádi, or the Nyagrodhádi groups. 9.

Medicinal Churnas

Now we shall describe the process of preparing pulverised compounds. A Prashtha measure of the powdered Sára of the trees belonging to the S'ála-sárádi group should be many times (i.e., seven days) saturated with the decoc-tion of the drugs of the Aragvadhádi group (and dried). Then the prepared compound should be taken with the vehicle of the decoction of the drugs of the said S'ála-sárádi group. A pulverised compound (Churna) may be as well prepared in the above manner from the fruits of the Nyagrodádhi group or from the flowers of the Aragvadhádi group. 10.

* One part of S'imns'apa', one of Khadira and a third of Uttamárani, Bráhmi and Kos'átaki should be taken. Tula weight of the drugs and four Drona measures of water should be boiled and reduced to one Drona. - Dallana.

† Gayádása does not read 'S'ála" in the list.

‡ Though the word "Pánitala" means a "Karsha" i.e., two Tolas, yet as then is the word "Purnam" inserted after it, so a handful should be understood here by this term. - Dallana. It should be observed, however, that the difference in the two interpretations is ultimately immaterial. - Ed.