A decoction of the drugs of the S'ála sárádi group should be poured in a Droni (vessel) made of Palás'a wood. Sheets of iron should be made red-hot and cooled down (twenty one times) by immersing them into the said decoction of the drugs of the S ála-sárádi group. The interior part of an earthen pitcher should be disinfected (with fumigation). Then the iron foils and the powder of the drugs of the Pippalyádi group together with treacle and honey should be added and preserved in the earthen pitcher with its mouth well-covered with a lid for a period of one month (in winter) or a fortnight (in summer). This preparation is called the Mahaushadha-Ayaskriti and an adequate quantity of it should be given to the patient after the lapse of the said period. Similar preparations of (iron) may be made with a decoction of the drugs of the Nyágro-dhádi or Arevatádi (Aragvadhadi) group. 14.

The Khadira Vidhána

Now we shall describe the Khadira preparations. The earth around the central root of a middle-aged Khadira tree, grown in a commendable soil and not worm-eaten, should be dug out and the central and principal root of the tree should be cut open. An iron pitcher should be placed under the tree so that the secreted juice may collect into it through the main root. The outer surface of the tree should be completely plastered with a paste of clay and cow-dung (mixed together). It should then be treated with a fire fed with faggots mixed with cow-dung so that the glutinous secretions of the Khadira tree would naturally settle down into the pitcher (through the principal root). When the pitcher is filled up, the juice should be collected and filtered and then kept in another vessel with its lid carefully closed and sealed. The extract so preserved should be taken in proper doses with honey, clari-fied butter and the expressed juice of Amalaka. The patient should be made to take such diet and observe such regimen of conduct, as has been prescribed in connection with the use of Bhallátaka compounds, after the digestion of the medicine. A Prastha measure of this remedy gradually taken by a man enables him to live a hundred summers. 15.


A decoction made by boiling a Tulá weight of the essential part (Sara) of the Khadira tree with a Drona measure of water and boiled down to a sixteenth part of its original quantity should be kept in a vessel with its mouth tightly closed. An adequate quantity of this decoction should be taken every day with honey, clarified butter and the expressed juice of Amalaka. The present method should be adopted with the extract from the essential parts (Sara) of all other medicinal trees. 16.

Every morning the patient should be made to take an adequate dose of the powders of Khadira-sa'ra, or its decoction, until a Tula weight is consumed, or he should be made to take a potion of the clarified butter churned from the milk of a ewe and cooked in a decoction of Khadira-sára. As an' alternative the expressed juice or a decoction of Amrita-valli, or clarified butter cooked, with that juice or decoction, should be taken every morning. The patient should every afternoon take a meal of boiled rice with clari-fied butter and Amalaka-soup. A constant use of this remedy and a conformity to the foregoing diet for a month would lead to a radical cure of any type of Kushtha. 17.

Oils pressed out of black sesamum and Bhallátaka, clarified butter, the expressed juice of Amalaka and the decoction of the drugs of the S'ála-sárádi group, each weighing a Drona measure, and a Pala weight of each of the following drugs, viz., Triphalá, Trikatu, the pith or marrow of Parusha fruit, Vidanga seed, Chitraka, Arka, Avalguja, Haridrá, Dáru-haridrá, Trivrit, Danti, lndra-yava, Yashti-madhu, Ativishá, Rasánjana and Priyangu, should be boiled together in the manner of cooking medicated oil, etc. (Sneha-páka Vidhána). When well cooked, this medicated compound should be strained (through a piece of clean linen) and carefully preserved (in an earthen pitcher with its mouth well closed with a lid). The system of the patient should be well cleansed (with appropriate emetics and purgatives) and a Pala weight of this preparation, mixed with honey, should be given to him every morning. After the digestion of this medicine, he should be made to take a light meal of rice well cooked with a decoction of the Khadira-wood and mixed with clarified butter, and the soup (Yusha) of Amalaka or Mudga unseasoned with salt. A Drona measure (of this compound), gradually taken in the aforesaid manner by a patient taking a (light) decoction * of Khadira (instead of water), would ensure a speedy recovery from all types of Kushtha and enable the patient to witness a hundred summers (on earth) in the full enjoyment of sound health and intellect. 18.

* The decoction of Khadira-wood for drink should be prepared after the manner of Shadanga-pániya preparation. - Ed.

Memorable Verse

An intelligent physician may prepare a thousand varieties of medicated remedies, such as Surás, Asavas, Arishtas, Lehas (lambatives), powders and Ayaskritis (metal-preparations) with the aforesaid drugs and in the manner described above. 19.

Thus ends the tenth Chapter of Chikitsita Sthánam in the Sus'ruta Samhitá which deals with the medical treatment of Mahá-Kushtha.