The Patra-Lavana

The green leaves of the Eranda plants and those of the trees known as Mushkaka, Naktamála, Atarushaka, Patika, Aragvadha and Chitraka should be thrashed with (salt of equal quantity) in an Udukhala (a hand thrashing mill) and placed in an earthen pitcher, saturated with oil or clarified butter. Having covered the mouth of the pitcher with a lid, it should be plastered and burnt in fire of cow-dung. The medicine thus prepared (with the help of internal heat) is called the Patra-Lavana. Medical experts advise the application of this medicine in cases of Váta-roga. 24.

The Kánda-Lavana

Similarly, Snuhi-twigs, Brinjal (Vártaku), and S'igru-ba-rk (taken in equal parts) and rock-salt (of equal weight as the entire drugs) should be thrashed and kept in a pitcher. Oil, clarified butter, lard and marrow should be added to it equal in weight with salt and then having covered the mouth of the pitcher with a lid, it should be plastered and burnt in a fire of cow-dung (as before). The use of this medicated salt which is called the Kánda-Lavana or Sneha-Lavana is recommended by experts in Váta-roga. 25.

The Kalyánaka Lavana

The following drugs with their roots, leaves and twigs, viz., Gandira, Palása, Kutaja, Vilva, Arka, Snuhi, Apá-márga, Pátalá, Páribhadra, Nádeyi, Krishnagandhá Nipa, Nimba, Nirdahani, Atarushaka, Nakta-málaka, Putika. Vtihati, Kantikari, Bhallátaka, Ingudi, Baija-yanti, Kadali, Varshábhti, Hrivera, Kshuraka, Indra-várum, Svetamokshaka and Asoka should be gathered in a green condition and mixed with (as large a quantity of) rock-salt and having thrashed them in an Udukhala should be burnt in a hermetically sealed pitcher as above, after which it should be filtered (twenty times) and boiled in the manner of alkaline preparations At the close of the boiling, powders * of the drugs of the Hingvádi or Pippalyádi group should be mixed with it. This medicine is called the Kala'ynaka-Lavana and is specially efficacious in all cases of Vata-roga and is applicable both in food and drink in cases of Gulma, enlarged spleen, impaired digestion, indigestion, haemorrhoids, intestinal worms, aversion to food and cough. 26.

Memorable Verse

The remedy proves efficacious in Váta-roga through its heat-making potency, power of liquifying and secreting the deranged Doshas and of restoring and correcting them as well. 27.

Thus ends the fourth Chapter of the Chikitsita Sthánam in the Sus'ruta Samhilá which deals with the treatment of Váta-Vyádhi.

* The total weight of these powders should be one-fourth of the weight of the rock-salt taken in the course of the preparation. - Dallana.