Specific Treatment Of The Bite By A Hooded (Darvi-Kara) Snake

In the case of a bite by a hooded (Darvi-kara) snake, bleeding by opening the veins should be resorted to in the first stage of poisoning. In the second stage, the patient should be made to drink an Agada compound with honey and clarified butter. In the third stage, anti-poisonous snuffs (Nasya) and collyrium (Anjana) should be employed. In the fourth stage, the patient should be made to vomit, and medicated Yavágu (gruel) mentioned before (in connection with vegetable poison - see Chapter II (Medical Treatment Of Recent Or Traumatic Wounds Or Sores (Sadyovrana-Chikitsa)), para. 26, Kalpasthána) should then be given him for drink. In the fifth and the sixth stages, after the administration of cooling measures, strong purgatives and emetics should be administered and the foregoing medicated Yavágu (gruel) should be administered to the patient. In the seventh stage, strong medicated Avapida-snuffs and strong collyrium of anti-venomous efficacy should be employed for the purification (purging) of the head. Superficial incisions like the marks of crow's feet should be made on the scalp and the affected flesh and blood should be removed, 7.

Specific Treatment Of Bites By A Mandali Snake

In the first stage of a case of poisoning by the bite of a Mandali snake, the treatment is the same as in the corresponding stage of a Darvi-kara (cobra) bite. In the second stage, an Agada compound should be given with honey and clarified butter and after making the patient vomit the preceding medicated Yavagu (gruel) should be administerd to him. In the third stage, after the exhibition of drastic purgatives and brisk emetics, a proper and suitable medicated gruel should be administered. In the fourth and the fifth stages, the treatment would be the same as in the corresponding stages of a Darvi-kara (cobra) bite. In the sixth stage, the drugs of the Madhura (Kákolyádi) Gana taken with milk prove efficacious. In the seventh stage, anti-venomous Agada compound in the shape of Avapida (snuff) would neutralise the effects of poison. 8.

Specific Treatment Of Rájimanbites

In the first stage of a case of Rájiman-bite, bleeding should be resorted to and an Agada should be administered with milk and honey. In the second stage, emetics and an anti-venomous Agada should be given to the patient. In the third, fourth and fifth stages, the treatment should be the same as in the corresponding stages of a case of Darvi-kara-bite. In the sixth stage, the use of the strongest (anti-venomous) collyrium and in the seventh stage, that of an Avapida (snuff) of similar virtue should be prescribed. 9.

Contra-Indication To Blood-Letting In Cases Of Snake-Bites

in the case of an infant, an old man, or an enciente woman having been bitten by a snake, all the foregoing remedies in milder doses with the exception of blood-letting should be employed according to the requirements of the case. 10.

Dosage of Collyrium, etc , to be resorted to in cases of different beasts and birds: - The quantity of medicated collyrium (Anjana) to be used and blood to be let out in the case of a goat or a sheep bitten by a snake should be equal to those laid down in connection with a similar human patient, while the quantity should be doubled in the case of a cow or a horse. In the case of a camel or a buffalo it should be trebled, while in the case of an elephant, it should be quadrupled Birds of what soever species in a similar predicament should, however, be treated only with sprays of cold water and cooling medicated plasters, 11.