Remedy For Aggravated Doshas Due To Poison

If the Váyu of the body be found to be in an aggravated condition, even after a careful elimination of the poison from the system with the help of suitable Mantras, measures and medicinal remedies, it should be pacified and restored to its normal con-diiton with any Vayu-pacifying Sneha, etc., other than oil. The use of fish, Kulattha-soup and acid articles (fermented rice-gruel, etc.) is forbidden. The aggravated Pitta in such a case should be remedied with the application of a Sncha-Vasti and with the decoction of drugs prescribed in cases of Pittaja fever, while the deranged Kapha should be corrected with Kapha-subduing remedies or with (the decoction of) the drugs of the Aragvadhádi Gana mixed with honey, or with a diet consisting of bitter and parching (Ruksha) articles of food. 17.

A person found to be unconscious from the effects of a fall from an uneven ground or from the top of a tree or precipice as well as a drowned man rescued unconscious, or one in a state of suspended animation owing to strangulation should be treated according to the injunctions and with remedies laid down in connection with the treatment of persons who have become unconscious from the effects of poisoning (mentioned in the present chapter). 18.

If a deep seated incision (Prachchhita) in, or an extremely tight fastening (Arishta, around the seat of the bite, or an application of extremely irritant piasters or any such other application thereon gives rise to a local swelling which emits a bad smell and slimy matter it should be inferred from these that the inherent poison in such a case has putrefied the flesh of the affected part which can be made amenable to medicine only with the greatest difficulty. 19-A

Sypmtoms of wounds from poisoned darts, etc: The poisonous character of a dart or of an arrow with which a person has been pierced (Digdha-viddha) should be inferred from the following symptoms, viz., flow of black-coloured blood from an immediately inflicted wound, suppuration, a constant burning sensation (in the incidental ulcer) and sloughing of black coloured, putrefied and morbid flesh mixed with a mucopurulent discharge from the wound, and thirst, vertigo, epileptic fits, a burning sensation in the body and fever. 19.

Treatment Of A Poisoned Wound

In a case where all the above symptoms of poisoning are present whether in a case of snake-bite or of a bite by a spider (Lutá), or in a case of being pierced with a venomed arrow, or in a case of poisoning of any kind, where putrefaction has set in, the putrid flesh of the incidental ulcer should be judiciously removed and the vitiated blood of the locality should be speedily extracted by applying leeches thereto. The system of the patient should then be cleansed with purgatives and emetics and the affected part of his body should be profusely sprayed or washed with the decoction (of the bark) of a Kshiri-Vriksha A poultice prepared with the anti venomous drugs of cool potency mixed with clarified butter (washed a hundred times and) placed inside the folds of linen should also be applied. In the event of its being caused by the insertion or introduction of a bone * of any animal, the bone of which is poisonous in itself, the measures and remedies laid down above as well as those prescribed under the treatment of the "Pitta-poisoning" should be adopted and used. 20.

* Dallana holds that by the word "bone" in the text should be understood all the different sources of poison, viz., feces, urine, nail, tooth, bristle, etc., of an animal.