Recipe Of Different Agadas: - Mahágada

The powders of Trivrit, Vis'alyá, Yashti-madhu, the two kinds of Haridrá, Raktá (Manjishthá), Natendra (Aragvadha), the five kinds of officinal salt and Tri-katu, pasted with honey, should he placed inside a horn. This Agada or anti-poisonous compound used as snuff (Nasya), collyrium and anointment acts as a good neutraliser of poison. It is irresistible in its potency and is of mighty efficacy. It is called the Mahágada. 21.

Ajitágada: - A compound made of powdered Vidanga, Páthá, Tri-phalá, Ajamoda, Hingu, Chakra (Tagara), Tri-katu, the five kinds of officinal salt and Chitraka, pasted with honey, should be kept for a fortnight inside a cow's horn covered with a lid of the same material. This anti-venomous compound (Agada) is known as the Ajitágada and is efficacious in cases of both vegetable and animal poisoning. 22.


A compound made of the fine powders of Prapaundarika, Deva-dáru, Mustá, Kálá-nusáryá, Katu-rohini, Sthauneyaka, Dhyámaka, Pad-maka, Punnága, Táils'a, Suvarchiká, Kutannata, Eld, white Sindhu-vára, S'aileya, Kushtha, Tagara, Priyangu, Lodhra, Jala (Bálaka), Svarna-Gairika, Mágadha, (red) Chandana and Saindhava salt, taken in equal parts and pasted with honey, should be kept inside a horn. This Agada is called the Tárkshyágada and is capable of neutralising the effects even of the poison of a Takshaka. 23.


A compound made of the powders of Mánsi, Triphalá, Murangl, Manjishthá, Yashti-madhu, Padmaka, Vidanga, Tális'a, Sugandhiká, Eld, Tvak, Kushtha, Teja-patra, Chandana, Bhárgi, Patola, Kinihi (A pámárga), Páthá, Mrigádani, Karkatikâ, Fura (Guggulu), Pálindi, As'oka, Kramuka and flowers of Surasi and of Bhallátaka, well pasted with honey and with the bile of a boar (Varáha), Godhá, Peacock, Sallaka, cat, Prishata (deer) and of mungoose, should be preserved inside a horn. This anti-venomous medicine is called the Rishabhágada. Snakes never visit the house of the fortunate and mighty one wherein this well prepared remedy is preserved. Venomous insects dare not come within the precincts of such a mansion and even their poison loses its quickness and fatal character. The sound of trumpets and drums, smeared with this compound and blown upon and beaten, tend immediately to destroy the effects of poison. If a poisoned patient would only look at the banner plastered with this Agada the poison from his system would be thereby eliminated. 24

Satljivana Agada

A compound made of the powders of Lákshá, Harenu, Nalada, Priyangu, the two kinds of S'igru, Yashti-madhu, Prithviká (Elá) and Haridrá, pasted with honey and clarified butter, should be preserved inside a cow's horn and covered in the above manner. This anti venomous medicine is called the Sanjivaua Agada and should be used as snuff, collyrium and drink. It is capable of restoring even a man apparently dead (by poisoning) to life, 25.

Darvi-Kara- Rájila-Vishahara-Agada

An Agada consisting of the powders of S'leshmá-taka, Katphala, Mátulunga, S'vetá, Girihvá, Kinihi, sugar and Tanduliya should be regarded as the best remedy in cases of poisoning by Darvi kara or Rájila-bites. 26.