Mandli-Vishahara Agada

One part each of Drákshá,Sugandhá, Naga-vrittiká * and Samangá

* Dallana says that in place of "Sugandhá Naga-vrittika" some read "Sugandhá Naga-mrittika" which means "the sweet-scented earth of the mountain" known to be possessed of anti-poisonous virtues.

(Varaha krántá), two parts each of the following drugs, viz., - leaves of Surasá, Vilva, Kapittha, and of Dáditna, and half a part each of the following, viz.: (leaves of) black Sindhuvára, Amkotha and Gairika, should be powdered together and mixed with honey. This anti-venomous medicine (Agada) is highly efficacious especially in the case of poisoning by a Mandali-bite. 27.

Vamsa-Tvagádi Agada

An Agada should be prepared with the scrapings of green bamboo (Vams'a-tvak), Amalaka, Kapittha, Tri-katu, Haimavati, Kushtha, Karanja-seeds, Tagara and S'irisha flowers, pasted with cow's bile. Used as a plaster, snuff or collyrium, it destroys the poison of a spider, mouse, serpent or any other (poisonous) insect. Used as a collyrium (over the eye-lids), as a plaster over the umbilical region, or as a Varti (plug), it removes the obstruction of stool, urine and Váyu (flatus, e!c), or of a foetus in the womb. Used as a snuff or a collyrium, its curative potency is manifest even in such dangerous eye-diseases as Kacha, Arman, Kotha, Patala and Pushpa. 28.

Pancha-Sirisha Agada

A potion con sisting of a decoction of the roots, flowers, bark, seeds and sprouts of a S'irisha tree, taken with honey, the five officinal kinds of salt and a profuse quantity of powdered Tri-kutu, proves speedily efficacious in a case of poisoning by an insect-bite. 29.

Sarva-KáMika Agada

An Agada prepared with Kushtha, Tri-katu, Dárvi, Maáhuka (flower), the two kinds of salt (Saindhava and Sauvarchala), Málati (flower), Nága pushpa and all the drugs of the Madhura (Kákolyádi) group and pasted with the juice of Kapittha and mixed with honey and sugar destroys all sorts of poison specially that of a mouse (Mushika). 30.

Ekasara Agada

The following drugs viz., Somaráji seeds and Somaráji flowers * Katábhi, Sindhu-vára, Choraka, Varuna, Kushtha, Sarpa-gandha, Saptalá, Punarnavá, flowers of S'irisha, Aragvada and of Arka, S'yámá, Ambashthá, Vidanga, Amra, As'mantaka, black earth and Kuravaka comprise the Ekasara Agada. These should be applied singly † or in combination of two or three to destroy the effects of poison. 31.

Thus ends the fifth Chapter of the Kalpa-Sáthána in the Sus'ruta Samhitá which deals with the medical treatment of snake-bites.

* Some explainEkasara Agada 200214 to mean 'Somaráji, Phala (Madana) and Pushpa (Nága-kes'ara).'

† Some explainEkasara Agada 200215 to mean that the Agada should be used "once, twice or thrice" according to the requirements in each case.