The Recipe Of Lohárishta, According To Vágbhata, Is As Follows

The drugs of the Asanádi group (which corresponds with Sus'ruta's S'ála-sárádi group), each weighing twenty Palas, should be boiled in eight Dronas of water down to a quarter part of it? weight. Two hundred Pala weight of treacle and half an Adhaka (four seers) of honey and the powders of the drugs of the Vatsakádi group (which corresponds with the Pippa-lya'di group of Sus'ruta), each weighing one Pala, should be mixed with the aboveidccoction when cooled. A (new earthen) pitcher should be plastered inside with (an adequate quantity of) Pippali-powder and honey, the outer side being plastered with shellac. The above preparation should now be poured into this pitcher which should be kept in a heap of barley. A fire should be kindled with Khadira charcoal. Thin iron-foils should be alternately heated in this fire and immersed in the above preparation until the iron-foils are powdered. Vágbhata gives the name of Ayaskriti to this preparation.

We, however, follow Vágbhata in the preparation of this Arishta with good results. - Ed,

Traits Of Cure

The cure of Prameha-patients should be understood from the non-slimy and unturbid condition of the urine and from its clear transparent aspect and bitter or pungent taste. 12.

Thus ends the twelfth Chapter of the Chikitsita Sthánam in the Sus'ruta Samhitá which deals with the medical treatment of Prameha-Pidaká.