Treatment Of Tálu-Páka, Etc

Remedies which destroy the deranged Pitta should be employed in Tálu-páka (suppuration of the palate); while applications of Sneha (oil, etc.) and Sveda (fomentations), as well as Váyu-subduing measures should be the remedies in a case of a Tálu-Sopha (swelling of the palate). The remedies to be employed in the diseases affecting the palate have been thus described above. Now hear me discourse on the remedial measures in Kantha-Roga (diseases of the throat). 35-36.

Treatment Of Throat-Diseases

In a curable type of Rohini, blood letting and the applications of emetics, gurgles, inhalations (of medicated fumes) and errhines (Nasya) are efficacious. In cases of Vátaja Rohini, blood letting should be first effected, and the affected part should then be rubbed with salts. Gurgles (Gandusha) of tepid Sneha (oil, clarified butter, etc.) should be constantly resorted to In cases of the Pittaja Rohini, the powdered Pattanga, honey and sugar should be rubbed (Pratisárana) over (the affected part), and the decoctions * of Drákshá and of Parushaka, should be used as gurgles (Kavala). In the Kaphaja type of Rohini, the affected part should be rubbed with Katuka and Agára-dhuma (soot of a house - chimney-soot). An oil properly cooked with S'vetá Vidanga, Danti and Saindhava should be employed as (Nasya) and employed as gurgles (Kavala). In a case of Raktaja Rohini, a physician shall employ the same measures of treatment as in the Pittaja type of the disease. 37.

* The alkaline water to be used in the Mudga-soup should be prepared from Yava-kshára according to Dallana. But according to S iva-dása, alkaline water prepared from the ashes of Mushkaka, Apámárga, etc., should be used.

Treatment of Kantha-Sáluka, etc.:

- In a case of Kantha-Sáluka, it should be bled and treated as a case of Tundikeri, and the patient should be enjoined to take a single meal in the day consisting only of a small quantity of Yavánna (barley-rice) with clarified butter. The treatment of a case of Adhi-jihviká should be the same as that of Upa-jihviká. In a case of Eka-vrinda, blood-letting of the affected part should be resorted to (by the application of leeches), and Sodhana † (purifying) remedies should be employed. The medical treatment of a case of Giláyu (Siláyu.-D-R.) consists of a surgical operation (on the seat of the disease). Incision should be made into a Gala-Vidradhi (throat-abscess in its suppurated stage and appearing at a part other than a Marma (vulnerable part). 38-42.

* According to Chakra-pani, Drákshá and Parushaka should be combinedly used in preparing the decoction.

† The "purifying remedies" here means S'iro-virechana, fumigation, plasters and applications of alkali, etc., for purifying the Doshas in the throat.

Treatment Of Sarva-Sara Mukha- Roga

The affected part should be rubbed with powdered salts * in a case of Sarva-sara Mukha-roga (invading the entire cavity of the mouth) due to the aggravated Váyu. Oil cooked with the (decoction and the pastes of) Váyu-subduing drugs (such as, the Bhadra-dárvádi group, etc.) and used as errhines (Nasya) and gurgles (Kavala) is efficacious in this disease. After the application of this oil, the patient should be treated with the Snaihika form of fumigation (Dhuma) in the following manner. Tuntuka leaves smeared with honey should be plastered with a compound of the Sára of S'ála, Piyála and castor wood, the marrow of lngudi and Madhuka, Guggulu, Dhyámaka (Gandhatrina), Mámsi, Kálámi-sártvá, S'ri (Lavanga), Sarja-rasa, S'áileya and wax pounded together and mixed with an adequate quantity of clarified butter or oil. It should then be burnt, and the patient made to inhale the fumes. This medicinal fumigation (Dhuma) proves remedial in the disease. It destroys the deranged Váyu and Kapha, and proves curative in all affections of the mouth. In the Pittaja type of the Sarva-sara Mukha-roga, all the morbific principles (Doshas) should be eliminated from the patient's body (with emetics and purgatives), and all kinds of sweet, soothing and Pitta subduing drugs should be administered. Medicated gurgles (Gandusha), fumigation (Dhuma), Pratisárana (rubbings) and purifying (S'odhana) measures as well as the Kapha-subduing remedies should be employed in the Kaphaja type of the Sarva-sara-Mukha-roga, and the patient should be made to take one Dharana measure (Twenty-four Ratis) of powdered Ati-vishá Patha, Musta, Deva dáru, Katuka and Kutaja seeds, with an adequate quantity of cow's urine. This medicine acts as a potent remedy for all the Kaphaja disorders of the body. Gurgles (Kavala) with milk, sugarcane juice, cow's urine, curd-cream, Kánjika, oil, or clarified butter (Sneha) should be prescribed according to the nature of the aggravated Doshas involved in each case (of the Sarva-sara-Mukha-roga). We have described above the medical treatment of the affections of mouth which yield to medical remedies. 43-45.

* Dallana and Nis'chala explain the termTreatment Of Sarva Sara Mukha Roga 200129 as the powders of the five officinal kinds of salt. S'iva-dása, however, holds that powdered Saindhava salt only should be used. Vrinda reads land the commentator S'ri-kantha Datta explains it to mean either the powders of, i.e., Jyotishmati or those ofi'.e., the five officinal kinds of salt. - Ed.

Incurable Types

Now we shall enumerate the different incurable types of mouth-diseases. Of the types of Oshtha-páka,, those due to the vitiated condition of the flesh, or of blood, and those due to the concerted action of the aggravated Doshas (Sannipáta) should be deemed as incurable. Of the diseases peculiar to the roots of the teeth, the affections known as the Sánnipátika Danta-nádi (Sinus in the gums) and the Sánnipátika Saushira (Mahá-Saushira) should be also deemed as incurable Of the affec-tions of the teeth, those known as the Syáva-dantaka, Dálana and Bhanjana, and of the diseases which restrict themselves to the tongue, the one known as the Alása should be looked upon as incurable. Similarly, of the affections of the palate, the Arvuda should be deemed as incurable. Of those of the throat, the Svaraghna, Valaya, Brinda, Balása, Bidáriká, Galaugha, Mámsa-tána, Sataghni and Rohini should be regarded as beyond the pale of medicine. The nineteen kinds of the disease mentioned above are incurable, and the medical treatment of these diseases should be taken in hand without holding out any definite hope of recovery. 46 - 49.

Thus ends the Twenty-second Chapter of the Chikitsita-Sthánam in the Sus'ruta Samhiá which deals with the medical treatment of the diseasas of the mouth.