Pieces of the roots of the major Pancha-mula measuring eighteen fingures in length should be covered (extending only to three-fourths of the whole) with a piece of linen and then soaked in oil. The stick so formed, should then be lighted and the oil pouring in drops therefrom should be used lukewarm (as an ear-drop). It instantaneously removes the pain, and is known as the Dipikai-Taila. Different kinds of Dipika-Taila may be likewise prepared with pieces of Deva-ddru, Kushtha or Sarala wood, and used in the same manner in cases of ear-ache. 14-15.

Tender sprouts of Arka plants pasted with Kanjika (Amla) should be mixed with oil and salt. The paste thus prepared should be placed inside the hollow made in a branch of Snuhi tree and wrapped up with the leaves of the same plant. It should then be scorched in fire in the manner of Puta-paka. The juice should then be squeezed out of it and used lukewarm as an ear-drop to alleviate the pain in the ear. 16.

* Both Vrinda ami Chakrapani read "Taila" (oil) in place of "Sarpih" (clarified butter). But we have the authority of Videha (as quoted by S'rikantha Datta in his commentary on Vrinda) in favour of clarified butter.

† Clarified butter should first be cooked with the urine of a ewe and then with that of a she-goat. - Dallana.

Different Kinds Of Ear-Drops

The expressed juice of Kapittha, Matulunga and Ardraka mixed together and made lukewarm, or the lukewarm Chukra (a kind of Kanjika) should be used as ear-drops in a case of ear-ache. As an alternative, the affected ear should be judiciously dusted with powdered Samudra-phena in such a case, As an alternative, the eight kinds of officinal urines made lukewarm and used as an eardrop may prove efficacious in removing an ear-ache. Similarly, a case of an car-ache yields to the curative virtue of an ear-drop, composed of the four officinal kinds of Sneha duly cooked with the different kinds of officinal urine and acids (wine, sour-gruel, etc.,) as well as with the Vayu-subduing drugs. 17.

General and Specific treatment of

Pittaja Ear-Ache

The above-mentioned mode of treatment (ear-drops and fomentations, etc.) with the Pitta-subduing drugs should be followed in Pittaja-Karna-s'ula (ear-ache). The use of the medicated Ghrita duly cooked with milk weighing ten times as much and with the drugs of the Kakolyadi group, as well as the Ghrita * duly cooked with the drugs of the Tikta (bitter) group would be found beneficial in such cases. Clarified butter duly cooked with the tender sprouts of Kshira-vriksha (milk-exuding trees), as well as with Yashti-madhu and Chandana wood, or that cooked with the decoction of Vimbi with (the Kalka of) sugar, Yasthimadku and the purgative drugs would also be found beneficial. 18-20.

* Dallana says that Jejjatacharya holds these two recipes as unauthoritative.

Treatment Of The Kaphaja Kama-Sula

In cases of Kapliaja-Karna-s'ula mustard oil or lngudi oil will be found beneficial if used as an ear-drop. Decoctions (Yusha) of the drugs of the bitter group, fomentation (Sveda) with Kapha-subduing drugs, as well as the oil cooked with the drugs of the Surasddi, or the major Pancha-mula group would be found beneficial. The expressed juice of Matulunga, Las'una and Ardraka, as well as S'ukta, or the oil cooked with any of them should be used as ear-drops in such cases. The use of strong head-purgatives (errhines), or of gurgles is, likewise, recommended in such cases. 21-24.

The medical treatment in a case of ear-ache due to the vitiated condition of the blood should be just the fame as that in the case of a Pittaja Karna-s'ula. 25

Thus we have given a general outline of the course of treatment and remedial measures to be adopted in the four kinds of ear-affections, viz., Karna-s'ula (earache), Pra-nada, Vadhirya and Karna-kshveda. Now we shall deal with the special recipes and preparations of ear-drops to be employed in cases of deafness (Vadhirya). 26.