Treatment Of Deafness

The oil duly cooked with water, milk and Vilva pasted with cow's urine (as Kalka) should be used as an car-drop in cases of deafness. Oil should be first cooked with goat's milk or the decoction of Vimbi fruit with sugar and Yashti- madhu and Vimbi fruit (as Kalka). When cooled down (it should be churned with the hand and) the Sneha (oily portion) should be separated. This oily part, after being stirred in the decoction of

Vilva* should again be cooked with milk weighing ten times and with (the Kalka of) sugar, Yashti-madhu and (red) sandal wood. It should then be thickened and used as an ear-drop in cases of deafness. Measures and remedies, which will be mentioned in connection with Pratis'yaya † (catarrh) or have been already described in the chapter on Vata-Vyadhi ‡ Chikitsa may be as well employed with benefit in the present instances. 27-30.

Treatment Of Puti-Karna, Kama-Srava And Krimi-Karna

The general mede of treatment to be employed in cases of Karna-srava, Puti-karna and Krimi-karna is the same as above. Now here (me describe) the general mode of treatment to be employed in them. Errhines, fumigating, filling up the cavity of the ear (as with an ear-drop), cleansing and washing should be employed according to the exigencies of each case. The affected ear should be washed with the decoction of the drugs of the Raja-vrikshadi or the Surasadi group and filled with the powders of those drugs. In a case of Karna-Sra'va, the cavity of the affected organ should be filled in with the powders (D. R. decoction) of the Pancha-Kashaya § drugs mixed with honey and the expressed juice of Kapittha. 31-32.

* In place of "Vilvambu-gadham" some read "Vimbi-gadham" ,i. e,, mixed with an abundant quantity of powdered Vimbi fruit. - Dallana.

† Chap. XXIV, Uttara-Tantra.

‡ Chapter V (Medical Treatment Of Snake-Bites (Sarpa-Dashta Kaipa-Chikitsitam)) and VI, Chikitsita-Sthana.

§ According to some, "Pancha-Kashaya" means the barks of A'ragdadka, S'irisha, Jambu, Sarja and of Asvamdra (Palas'a), but Dallana, on the authority of the authors of the Tika and the Panjika, (the two commentaries) refutes this and holds that "Pancha-kashaya" means the barks of Tinduka, Abhaya, Lodhra, Samanga' and of A'malaka enumerated below in this chapter.

The use of the powders of Sarfa-bark mixed with honey and expressed juice of the Karpasi fruit is recommended in cases of Karna-Srava. A compound consisting of pulverised Laksha and Sarja-rasa (D. R. Rasanjana) should be used in filling up the cavity of the affected organ in the said disease. The oil duly cooked with the tender sprouts of S'aivala, Maha-vriksha, Jambu and of Antra, as well as with Karkata-Sringi honey and Manduki is highly efficacious in these cases. Powders of the barks of Tinduka, Abhayd, Rodhra, Samanga and of Amalaka mixed with honey * and the expressed juice of Kapittha should be similarly used. 33-36.

The expressed juice of Amra, Kapittha, Madhuka flower, Dhava and of S'ala, or an oil duly cooked with these is likswise recommended as ear-drops in these cases. The oil cooked with Priyangu, Yashti-madhu, Ambalika, Dhataki, S'ita-parni, Manjishthda, Lodhra, and Laksha (as Kalka), and with the expressed juice of the sprouts of Kapittha as the liquid, if used as an car-drop, arrests the secretion in a case of Karna-srava. 37 - 38