Treatment Of Puti-Karna

Rasanjana rubbed and dissolved in the breast-milk and mixed with honey proves highly efficacious even in chronic and longstanding cases of Puti-karna attended with fetid discharge. The use as ear-drops of the compound composed of oil, the expressed juice of Nirgundi and honey mixed together arrests an attack of Puti-karna. 39-40.

Treatment Of Krimi-Karna

Vermifuges should be employed for the treatment of a case

* S'rikantha Datta in his commentary on Vrinda quotes this couplet, but does not read 'honey' there. He readsTreatment Of Krimi Karna 30042 in place of|

Krimi-karna. Fumigation * of the affected parts with the fumes of (dried) Vartaku, or (the pouring of) mustard oil (into the cavity of the affected organ) is also beneficial in such cases. Vidanga and Haritala (yellow orpiment) mixed with cow's urine (and used as an ear-drop) as well as fumigating the affected organ with the fumes of (burnt) Guggulu tends to destroy the fetor in the ear due to local parasites. Administration of emetics, smoke-inhalation and gurgles are also beneficial in such cases. 41-42.

Treatment Of Karna-Kshveda, Vidradhi, Etc

Use of mustard oil as an ear-drop is efficacious in cases of Karna-kshveda† An abscess (Vidradhi) in the ear should be treated as an ordinary abscess. The affected ear should be sufficiently fomented after being filled in with oil so as to soften the filthy deposit in the cavity of the ear, after which the filthy matter should be extracted with a probe or a director (Salaka). .43-45.

Treatment Of Karna-Kandu And Karna-Pratinaha

Fumigation of the parts with the help of a tube (Nadi-sveda), exhibitions of emetics, smoke-inhalations, head-purging (errhines), as well as all kinds of Kapha-subduing measures should be resorted to in cases of Karna-kandu. Application of Sneha and of Sveda and then of head-purgatives (errhines) should be made in cases of Karna-pratinalia, and the treatment thereafter should conform to the nature of the specific deranged Dosha of the body involved in the case. 46 - 47.

* Dallana explains this to mean fumigation of the affected organ, as well as the use of the same in the manner of smoking.

† The use of oil is also recommended in cases of abscess in the ear. In cases of acute and painful Vataja Vidradhi sesamum oil should be used, whereas in cases of Kaphaja Vidradhi the use of mustard oil is recommended.- Dallana.

Treatment Of Karna-Paka, Etc

Remedies and remedial measures described in connection with Pittaja Visarpa * should be used with equal profit in a case of Karna-paka (inflammatory suppuration of the car). Any filth or vermin, etc., lodged in the cavity of the ear should be removed with the help of a probe, or (by cutting it) with a horn. Cures for the remaining cases of affections in the ear have been described before (in the Chikitsita-sthana, Chapters XVIII, VI and XXIII). 48 - 50.

Thus ends the twenty-first chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sus'ruta Samhita which deals with the treatment of the diseases peculiar to the ear.

* In place of 'Pittaja-Visarpa', both Vrinda and Chakradatta read 'Kshataja-Visarpa'.