Treatment Of Dárunaka, Etc

Anointment and fomentation of the diseased patches are the (preliminary, remedies in a case of Dárunaka, after which bleeding should be effected by opening the vein in the forehead Remedial measures such as, Avapida-Sirovasti and Abhyanga (anointment) should be employed as well; and the affected parts should be washed with the alkaline solution of burnt Kodrava weeds. Measures for arresting the premature greyness of hair (Palitá) will be described later on (in the Mis'raka Chapter XXV (Medical Treatment Of A Variety Of Diseases (Misraka-Chikitsita))). Curative plasters and remedies, etc , mentioned in connection with the treatment of Kushtha should be employed in cases of Masuriká; or those, laid down under the treatment of Erysipelas (Visarpa) originated through the concerted action of the deranged Pitta and Kapha should as well be used. 17-19.

Treatment Of Jatu-Mani, Etc

The seats of affection should be scraped (with a knife) and gradually and judiciously cauterised † by applying an alkali or fire in cases of Jatu mani (congenital moles), Mas'aka and Tila-kalaka (freckles) An opening of the local veins in the temporal region, etc., should be effected in cases of Nyachchha, Vyanga and Niliká. in accordance with the prescribed rules. The affected parts should be rubbed (with Samudra-phena, etc.) and plastered with the barks of Kshiri trees,pasted with milk; or with Valá, Ati-valá, Yashti-madhu and Rajani, pasted together. As an alternative, plasters composed of Parasyá, Aguru and Káliya pasted together with Gairika, or of a tooth of a boar pasted with clarified butter and honey, or of Kapittha and Rájádana pasted together, may also be used with benefit 20 21.

* According to Chakradatta blood-letting should be resorted to in such cases only by means of venesection, or with leeches.

† The cauterisation should be effected with an alkali, when the disease is superficial and with fire when it is deep-seated.

Treatment Of Yuvána-Pidaká, Etc

Emetics are specially efficacious in cases of Yuvána-pidaká ( pimples) which disfigure the face in youth. The application of medicinal plasters composed of Vachá, Lodhra, Saindhava and (white mustard seeds or of Kustumburu, Vachá, Lodhra and Kushtha pasted together is also recommended. In a case of Padmini-Kantaka, a decoction of Nimba bark should be given as an emetic, and the patient should be made to drink a potion of clarified butter cooked with a decoction of Nimba and mixed with honey. A decoction * of Nimba and Aragvadha should be used for chafing (Utsádana) the diseased locality. 22-23.

Treatment Of Parivartiká, Etc

In a case of Parivartiká retroflexion of the prepuce) the glans penis should be rubbed with clarified butter and duly fomented, and Sálvana and such other Váyu-subduing plasters (Upanáha) should be applied for three or five days. Then having lubricated the part (with Ghrita), the glans penis should be gently pressed and the prepuce should be smoothly drawn over the glans penis, so as to cover it entirely within its fold. The prepuce, being so drawn, should be fomented with warm poultices. Váyu-subduing Vastis (Clysters) should be employed and emollient diet should be prescribed (during the course of the treatment. A case of Ava-pátiká should be similarly treated, after a due consideration of the nature and intensity of the Doshas involved in the case, 24-25.

* Chakrapam prescribes the powders 'Treatment Of Parivartik Etc 200114 in place of the decoctionof Nimba and Aragvadha. He also readsin place ofbut here they mean the same thing. - Ed.