A medicated Vasti (enema) should be applied to the rectum in the case of an ulcer marked by an aggravated condition of the deranged Váyu which is extremely dry and is attended with an excruciating pain occurring specially in the lower region of the body. A measure of Uttara-vasti (Vaginal or Urethral syringe) should be adopted in the cases of strictures and other disorders connected with urine, semen and menstruation, as well as in cases of gravel † in case these are due to an ulcer. An ulcer is purified, softened and healed up by bandaging leaving no room for the apprehension of a relapse. Hence bandaging is recommended. 96-98.

Patradána (Application Of Leaves On An Ulcer)

Leaves possessed of proper medicinal virtues taking into consideration the particular Dosha and season of the year should be tied (over the medicinal plaster applied) over an ulcer of non-shifting or non-changing character and not affecting a large depth of flesh and which refuses to be healed up owing to its extreme dryness. An ulcer of the deranged Váyu should be tied over with the leaves of the Eranda, Bhurja, Putika, or Haridrá plants as well as with those of the Upodiká and Gámbhári. An ulcer marked by an aggravated condition of the deranged Pitta, or incidental to a vitiated condition of the blood, should be tied in the aforesaid manner with the leaves of the Kás'mari, the Kshira trees (milk-exuding trees), and aquatic plants. An ulcer due to the deranged and aggravated Kapha, should be tied over with the leaves of the Páthá, Murvá, Guduchi, Káka-máchi, Haridrá or of the S'ukanásá. Only those leaves which are not rough, nor putrid, nor old and decomposed, nor worm-eaten and which are soft and tender should,be used for purposes of Patradána. * The rationale of such a procedure (Patra-vandha) is that the leaves tied by an intelligent physician in the manner above indicated serve to generate heat or cold and retain the liniment or medicated oil in their seat of application. 99-102.

* According to seme this may be used internally for the purpose.

† D. K. Some read "Tathánile" in place of "As'mari-vrane."

"Tathánile" means and in cases of (aggravated) Váyu.


The germination of worms due to flies in an ulcer is attended with various kinds of extreme pain, swelling and bleeding in case the worms eat up the flesh. A decoction of the drugs of the Surasádi gana proves efficacious as a wash and healing medicine in such a case. The ulcer should be plastered with such drugs as the bark of Saptapama, Karanja, Arka, Nimba, and Rájádana pasted with the urine of a cow, or washed with an alkaline wash (for expelling the vermin from it). As an alternative, the worms should be brought out of the ulcer by placing a small piece of raw flesh on the ulcer. These vermin may be divided into twenty groups or classes, which will be fully dealt with later on. (Uttara-Tantram - ch. 54). 103.