The Science of medicine is as incomprehensible as the ocean. It cannot be fully described even in hundreds and thousands of verses. Dull people who are incapable of catching the real import of the Science of reasoning would fail to acquire a proper insight into the Science of medicine if dealt with elaborately in thousands of verses. The occult principles (of the Science of medicine), as explained in these pages, would, therefore, sprout and grow and bear good fruits only under the congenial heat of a (medical) genius. A learned and experienced (medical) man would therefore try to understand the occult principles herein inculcated with due caution and with reference to other Sciences. 15.

Thus ends the nineteenth chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sus'ruta Samhita which deals with the medical treatment to be adopted in cases of hurt or injury to the eye.

* The method of preparing this Anjana, as explained by Dallana on the authority of Videha, is as follows: - S'amkha (conch-shell) and Saindhava should be first pasted together with curd (Dadhi) and then a quantity of Rasanjana should be soaked with this preparation for seven days and a half and Varti should then be prepared therewith and applied to the eye as an Anjana.