Drugs To Be Used In A Niruhavasti

The following drugs and articles, or as many of them as would be available, such as, all kinds of milk, acid group (Kánjika, etc.), urine, Sneha (oleaginous substances'), the drug decoctions (Kasháya), meat-soup (Rasa), salts, Phala (Triphalá), honey, S'atáhva, Sarshapa, Vacha, Eld, Trikatu, Rásuá, Sarala, Deva-dáru, Rajani, Yashti-madhu, Hingu, Kushtha, the drugs of the Sams'odhana (corrective) group (Trivrit, etc.), Katuka, Sugar, Musta, Usira, Chandana, S'athi, Manjishthá, Madana, Chandá Tráyamáná, Rasánjana, (dried) Vilva fruit, Yamáni, Phalini, Indra yava, Yava, Kakoli, Kshira-kakoli, Jivaka, Rishabliaka, Medá, Mahá-medá, Riddhi, Vriddhi and Madhuliká, should be used in charging a Nirudha-vasti. 9.

Formula Of The Niruha-Vasti

In the case of a healthy person (marked by an equilibrium of Váyu, Pitta and Kapha) the solution to be injected should be composed of four parts of the decoction of drugs * and one part (a fifth part of the entire compound) of the Sneha (any oleaginous substance"). In any case marked by a preponderance of the deranged Váyu, the Sneha should measure a quarter part of the whole, one-sixth in a case of a preponderance of the deranged Pitta and an eighth part in a case of the deranged Kapha. In a case of aggravation of all the (three) Doshas, the Kalka should measure an eighth part (of the entire quantity of the medicinal solution to be injected), and the following drugs or articles, viz., salt, honey, cow's urine, Phala (Madana), milk, acid group (Kanjika, etc.) and extract of meat, in charging a Nirudha-Vasti should, as regards dosage, be determined by a due consideration of the requirements in each case. When the Kalka, the Sneha, and the decoction would be well mixed together, the solution for injection should be considered to have been well prepared The application of such a solution would be supposed to produce the wished-for results. 10-A.

* Dallana means to say that of the whole compound weighing twelve Prasrita measures (twenty-four Palas), there should be four Trasrila weights (8 Palas) of the decoction, and so on.

The Process Of Preparation

An Aksha measure (two Tolás) of Saindhava salt should be first mixed with the palms of the hand on a plate with two Prasrita (thirty-two Tolas) measures of honey, to which Sneha (oil, etc.) should be gradually added. When well dissolved, the pastes of (Madana) Phala should be added thereto. The drugs to be used as the Kalka in proportion to the prescribed parts should then be finely powdered and mixed with the preceding compound. The whole should then be well stirred in a deep vessel with a ladle (Khaja) * so as not to make it too thick, nor too thin. The compound thus prepared should be mixed with five Prasrita measures of the well-filtered drug decoction (prescribed in each case) and with cow's urine, meat-essence, milk and acid articles (Kánjika, etc.) according to the nature of the Doshas involved in the case. 10.