The Mode Of Preparing The Soup

The flesh of a Godhá, mungoose, or deer should be cooked and spiced with pasted Pâlindi (Trivrit), Yashti-madhu and sugar. The flesh of a peacock should be similarly cooked and spiced with sugar, Ativishá and Sunthi and that of a Prishata deer with Pippali and S'unthi. The soup of Simbi taken with honey and clarified butter should, similarly, be deemed beneficial (as being possessed of similar antitoxic properties). An intelligent king should always food and drink of poison-destroying properties. In a case of imbibed poison, the heart should be protected (with a covering of anti-poisonous drugs) and the patient should be made to vomit (the contents of his stomach) with a potion composed of sugar, Pippali, Yashti-madhu, honey and the expressed juice of sugar-cane dissolved in water. 35-36.

* See Kalpa-Sthána, Chapter II (Medical Treatment Of Recent Or Traumatic Wounds Or Sores (Sadyovrana-Chikitsa)). Para 27, and Chapter VII (Sounds Of A (Medicated) Drum, Etc., Possessed Of Anti-Venomous Virtues (Dundhubhi-Svaniya)). para 5, respectively.

Thus ends the first Chapter of the Kalpa-sthána in the Sus'ruia Samhitá which deals with the mode of protecting food and drink (from the effects of poison).