The disease which is consequent upon the friction of the gums marked by the appearance of a violent swelling about the portion (so rubbed and in which) the teeth beeome loose and can be moved about, is called Danta-vaidarbha which is due to an extraneous cause such as a blow etc Vardhana: - the disease which is marked by the advent of an additional tooth (the last molar) through the action of the deranged Vŕyu with a specific excruciating pain of its own, is called Vardhana or eruption of the Wisdom tooth. The pain subsides with the cutting of the tooth. Adhimánsa: - The disease in which a violent and extremely painful tumour appears about the root of the tooth, and is situated in the farthest end of the cavity of the cheek-bone accompanied by a copious flow of saliva is called Adhimánsa or Epulis, It is due to the deranged Kapham. The five sorts of Nádi (sinus) which affect the roots of the teeth (are either Vátaja, Pittaja, Kaphaja, Sánnipátaja or Abhighátaja), their symptoms being respectively identical with those of the types of Nádi-vrana. 20 - 24.

Diseases To The Teeth Proper

Diseases which are restricted to the teeth proper are named as, Dálana, Krimi-dantaka, Dantaharsha, Bhanjaka, Sarkará, Kapálika, Syáva-dantaka and Hanu-moksha. 25.

Dalana: - The disease in which the teeth seem as if being cleft asunder with a violent pain is called Dálana or toothache, the origin of which is ascribed to the action of the aggravated state of the bodily Váyu. Krimi-dantaka: - The disease in which the teeth are eaten into by worms, is called Krimi-dantaka (caries). The teeth become loose and perforated by black holes accompanied by a copious flow of saliva. The appearance of an extremely diffused swelling (about the roots of decayed teeth) with a sudden aggravation of the accompanying pain without any apparent cause is also one of its specific features. Danta-harsha: - The disease in which the teeth cannot bear the heat, cold or touch is called Danta-harsha. It is due to the deranged condition of Váyu. Bhanjaka: - The disease in which the face is distorted, the teeth break, and the accompanying pain is severe, is called Bhanjaka (degeneration of the teeth). The disease is due to the deranged condition of the Váyu and Kapham. Sarkará: - The disease, in which sordes, formed on the teeth and hardened (by the action of the deranged Váyu). lie in a crystallised form at the roots of the teeth, is called Sarkará (Tartar). Such deposits tend to destroy the healthy growth and functions of the teeth. Kapaliká: - The disease in which the preceding crystallised deposits get cemented together and afterwards separate from the teeth taking away a part of their coating (enamel) is called Kapáliká (calcareous deposit) which naturally makes an erosion into and destroys the teeth Syáva-dantaka: - The disease, in which the teeth variously scorched by the action of the deranged Pittam assumes a blackish or blue colour, is named as Syáva-dantaka (black teeth). Hanu-moksha: - The disease in which the Váyu aggravated (by such causes, as by loud talking, chewing of hard substances, or immoderate yawning) produces the dislocation of the jawbones is called Hanu-moksha It is identical with Ardditam as regards its symptoms. 26 -33.