The Diseases Of The Throat And Larynx

The diseases peculiar to the throat and the larynx are seventeen in number and arc known as the five types of Rohini, Kantha-Saluka, Adhijihva, Valaya. Valása, Eka-vrinda, Vrinda, Sataghni, Giláyu, Gala-vidradhi, Galaugha, Svaraghna. Mánsatána. and Vidári. 48.

General Features Of Rohinis

The aggravated Váyu, Pittam, Kapham, either severally or in combination, or blood may affect the mucous of the throat and give rise to vegetations of fleshy papillae.

The Vátaja Rohini

A vegetation of extremely painful fleshy Ankuras (nodules), crops up all over the tongue which tend to obstruct the passage of the throat and are usually accompanied by other distressing symptoms characteristic of the deranged Váyu. Pittaja-Rohini: - The Ankuras (nodules) in the present type are marked by speedy growth and suppuration, and are accompanied by a burning sensation and high fever. Kaphaja Rohini: - The Ankuras (nodules) become heavy, hard and characterised by slow suppuration gradually obstructing the passage of the throat. 50-52.

The Sánnipátika Type

Suppuration takes place in the deeper strata of the membrane accompanied by all the dangerous symptoms peculiar to the three aforesaid types of the disease. It is rarely amenable to treatment Raktaja Type:-Symptoms characteristic of the Pittaja type of the disease are present and the fleshy outgrowth formed in the throat, is found to be covered with small vesicles. This type is incurable. * 53 - 54


The disease in which a hard rough nodular growth (Granthi) in the shape of a plum-stone crops up in the throat, which seems as if it has been stuffed with the bristle of a S'uka insect or been pricked by thorns is called Kantha-Sálukam. The disease is due to the action of the deranged Kapham, It is amenable to surgical treatment only. Adhijihva: - A small swelling like the tip of the tongue caused by the deranged blood and Kapham over the root of the tongue is called Adhijihva, which should be given up as soon as suppuration sets in. Valaya: - A circular or ring-shaped raised swelling obstructing or closing up the upper end of the oesophagus (structure of oesophagus) is called Valaya. It cannot be cured and hence should be given up. It is due to the deranged action of the Kapham in the locality. Valása: - The disease in which the unusually aggravated Váyu and Kapham give rise to a swelling in the throat, which is extremely painful and causes a difficulty of respiration, ultimately producing symptoms of complete asphyxia is called Valása by learned physicians and is very difficult to cure. 55 - 58.

* The reading Sádhya (curable) which is to be met with in the several printed editions of Mádhab's Nidánam in lieu of the reading Asádhya (incurable) is not to our mind correct.

Eka-Vrinda And Vrinda

The disease in which a circular, raised, heavy and slightly soft swelling appears in the throat attended with itching, a slightly burning sensation and a slight suppuration is called Eka-vrinda. The disease is due to the effect of vitiated blood and Kapham. The disease in which a round elevated swelling attended with high fever and a slightly burning sensation is formed in the throat through the aggravated condition of the blood and Pittam is called Vrinda. A piercing pain in the swelling points to its Vátaja origin. 59 - 60.

Sataghni: - The disease in which, through the concerted action of the deranged Váyu, Pittam and Kapham, a hard throat obstructing Varti (jagged membrane.) edged like a Sataghni † and densely beset with fleshy excrescences is formed along the inner lining of that pipe is denominated as Sataghtu. Various kinds of pains, (characteristics of each of the deranged Váyu, Pittam and Kapham) are present in this type which should be necessarily considered as irremediable. 61.

* The diseases of the throat are 17 in number. Taking Vrinda as a separate disease they amount to 18; but Vrinda, affecting similar place and being similar in appearance with but a slight distinction of symptoms, is only a particular state of Eka-vrinda, and not a separate disease.

† Sataghni is a kind of weapon used in ancient warfare.

Giláyu: - The disease in which the aggravated Kapham and blood give rise to a hard and slightly painful (D. R extremely painful) glandular swelling in the throat to the size of the stone of the Amalaka fruit is called Gilŕyu. A sensation as if a morsel or bolus of food is stuck in the throat is experienced which by its very nature is a surgical case. 62.