The disease in which an extensive swelling occurs along the whole inner lining of the throat, owing to the concerted action of the deranged Váyu, Pittam and Kapham is called Gala-vidradhi which exhibits all the features present in a Vidradhi of the Sánipátika type. Galauglia: - The disease in which a large swelling occurs in the throat so as to completely obstruct the passage of any solid or liquid food and also that of Udána-váyu (choking the pharynx, larynx and the mouth of the esophagus), attended with a high fever is called Galaugha, the origin of which should be ascribed to the action of the deranged blood and Kapham. Svaraghna: -The disease in which the patient faints owing to the choking of the larynx by the deranged Kapham which is marked by stertorous breathing, hoarseness, dryness and paralysed condition of the throat is called Svaraghna which has its origin in the deranged Váyu. 63 - 65.

ManSatana: - The disease in which a pendent, spreading and extremely painful swelling appears in the throat which gradually obstructs the pipe is called Mánsatána. It invariably proves fatal and is caused by the deranged Váyu. Pittam and Kapham 66

Vidári: -The disease in which a copper-coloured swelling occurs in the throat, marked by a pricking and burning sensation, and the flesh of the throat gets putrefied and sloughs off (and emits a fetid smell) is called Vidári. The disease is of a Pittaja origin and is found to attack that side of the throat on which the patient is in the habit of lying. 67.

The Disease In The Entire Cavity

Cases which are found to invade the entire cavity of the mouth (without being restricted to any particular part thereof) may be either due to Vátaja, Pittaja, Kaphaja or Raktaja type and are known by the general name - Savra-Sara. 68.

In the Vátaja type the entire cavity of the mouth is studded with vesicles attended with a pricking sensation in their inside. In the Pittaja type a large number of small yellow or red-coloured vesicles attended with a burning sensation crops up on the entire (mucous membrane lining the cavity of the mouth. In the Kaphaja variety a similar crop of slightly painful, itching vesicles of the same colour as the skin (is found on the entire inner surface of the mouth.) The blood-origined Kaktaja type is nothing but a modification of the Pittaja one (giving rise to similar symptoms) ; it is also by others called Mukha-páka. 69-72.

Thus ends the sixteenth Chapter of the Nidána Sthánani in the Sus'ruta Samhitá which treats of the Nidánam of the diseases of the mouth.

Here ends the Nidána Sthánam.