Prohibition And Remedies For Infringement

After the application of Tarpana and Puta-paka (to the affected eye) the patient should not catch glimpses of the light, fire, sky, looking-glass or any other luminous object; nor he should expose the eye to the blast of the wind. The unfavourable symptoms incidental to and induced by an infringement of the rules to be observed after the application of these two (Tarpana and Puta-paka) measures should be remedied with the applications of Anjana (collyrium), A's'chyotana and Sveda (fomentation) to the deranged bodily Doshas, underlying each particular case. 16-17.

* In place ofProhibition And Remedies For Infringement 30034 (honey and clarified butter) Dallana quotes a variant - lit. sacred clarified butter i e., clarified bu'ter prepared from cow's milk.

† Dallana explains that the application of the Puta-paka measure should be made for one day only in Kaphaja eye-diseases, or if the Puta-paka be a Lekhana one ; and it should be continued for two days in Pittaja eye-diseases, or if it be a Snehana one ; and for three days in Vataja eye-diseases, or if it be a Ropana Puta-paka.

Satisfactory, Excessive And Defective Application Of Puta-Paka

Fresh ness and clearness of the colour (of the cornea), capa bility of the organ (eye) to bear heat, light and wind, refreshing sleep and an unembarrassed gladsome wakening and a lightness of the organ arc the benefits which are derived from Satisfactory Puta-paka applications, Darkness of vision, pain and swelling of the eye and the appearance of eruptions (Pidaka) in the affected organ, arc the evils which mark an excessive application of the Puta-paka measure ; while suppuration and lachrymations of the eye and a thrilling sensation (Harsha) in the affected organ, as well as a further aggravation of the Dosha (involved) are the characteristic features of a deficient Puta-paka application. 18.

Mode Of Preparing Puta-Paka

Now I shall describe the mode of preparing a Puta-paka remedy. Two Vilva (Pala) measures of cleansed and pasted meat, one Pala measure of the medicinal drugs pasted together and one Kudava (half a seer) measure of liquid ingredients should be mixed together (and made into a ball), well covered with the leaves of Kadali, Kasmari, Eranda, Kumuda or of Padma plant. Coated with clay, it should be duly scorched in the burning charcoal (fire) of catechu wood or in that of Kataka, Asmantaka, Eranda, Patala, Vasaka, Vadara, Kshira-exuding; trees, or in the fire of the dried cakes of cow-dung. When well cooked the ball should be taken out of the fire and broken and its contents withdrawn and squeezed. The fluid extract should then be collected and applied (to the affected organ) in the manner of applying a Tarpana. 19.

The Mode Of Application

The patient being laid on his back at the time, the fluid extract in both the cases (Tarpana and Puta-paka) should be dropped cold into the Kaninika (Cornea) of the eye in cases of derangement of the blood and the Pitta; it should be used lukewarm when the Vayu and the Kapha would be found to have been aggravated. A burning sensation in the affected eye as well as its consequential inflammation would result from the use of too hot (warm) or strong or keen-potencied (Tikshna) extract for the purpose. A thrilling sensation (Harsha), pain and numbness in the locality and lachrymation from the affected organ originate from the use of a cold and mild-potencied Puta-paka or Tarpana eye-drop. Redness and contraction of the eye attended with a jerking and throbbing sensation therein are the effects of an excessive (over-dose) application of the Puta-paka and Tarpana, whereas a deficient (under-dose) use of them produces an aggravation of the deranged bodily Doshas in the locality. Properly applied, they alley the burning and itching sensation, swelling, pain, lachrymation and mucous secretion, as well as the (unnatural) coating and redness in the affected eye. As every one is desirous of avoiding the aggravation of Doshas, so the Puta-paka and Tarpana measures should be applied in such a way as would give health and happiness (to the eye). The evils resulted by a course of injudicious application of Puta-paka or Tarpana, are to be remedied with the application of errhines (Nasya), Dhuma and Anjana remedial to the specific deranged bodily Dosha or Doshas involved in each case. 20.

The affected eye should be fomented before the use of a Puta-paka or a Tarpana measure with a piece of cloth soaked in hot water (and rinsed). Fumigation of the affected organ in the end should be prescribed in a case marked by an aggravation of the deranged Kapha of the locality. 21.