The drugs known as Kushtha, Chandana, Ela, Patra, Yaskti-madku, Rasanjana, flowers of Mesha-s'ringi, Chakra (Tagara), the seven kinds of jewels *, the pollens of the flowers of Utpala, Brihati, Kantakari and of lotus, Naga-kes'ara, Us'ira, Pippali, the shells of hen's eggs, Daru-karidra, Haritaki, Gorochona, Maricha, marrow or kernel of Vibkitaka-seeds and the flesh of lizards (which are found to scale the walls of rooms), should be powdered together in equal parts and should be preserved in a vessel and purified (sanctified) in the preceding manner. This Anjana is called the Bhadrodaya-Anjana and should always be used by a king. 46.

Equal parts of Chakra (Tagara), Markka, Jata-mamsi and S'aileya with Manah-s'ila equal to the combined weight of the preceding drugs, four parts of Patra with Rasanjana (antimony) twice the combined weight of all the preceding drugs and Yaskti-madhu of equal † weight with the last-named drug (Rasanjana) should be powdered together and used as an Anjana in the foregoing manner. 47.

Mauak-s'ila, Deva-daru, the two kinds of Rajani, Tri-phala, Trikatu, Lakska, Las'una, Manjisktha, Saindhava, Ela, Makskika, Savaraka Rodhra, dead iron and copper, Kalanu-sariva and the outer shells of hen's eggs taken in equal parts should be powdered together, resolved into a paste with milk and made into pills of adequate size. Diseases of the eye such as the itching sensation in the eye, Timira, Suklarma and Raktaraji readily yield to the curative efficacy of this Anjana. 48.

* The seven kinds of gems are (l) Padmaraga, (2) Marakata, (3) Nila, (4) Vaidurya, (5) Mukta (pearl) (6) Pravala and (7) Hema (gold).

† According to some the weight of the Yaskti-madku to be used in this Anjana should be equal to that of all the other drugs combined.

An Anjana should be prepared by collecting lampblack on a vessel made of Indian bell-metal, and mixing" it with one part each of Yashtimadhu, Saindhava, Tagara and roots of Erauda, as well as two parts of Brihati. This compound should be pasted together with goat's milk and thinly plastered on a copper plate. This process should be continued for seven times in succession and dried in the shed. It should then be made into Vartis and (used as such) would relieve pain in the eye. 49.

One part each of Haritaki, Yashti-madhu with sixteen parts of Marietta should be pounded and pasted together with cold water. It should then be made into Vartis and would be efficacious in all sorts of ocular affections. An experienced physician may with care and discretion prepare Pindanjanas with the drugs antidotal to the specific Dosha or Doshas involved in the case, in the manner of preparing the Rasa-kriya preparations. 50-51.

Thus ends the eighteenth chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sus'ruta Samhita which deals with the preparations and uses of the medicinal measures to be used in different ocular affections.