Symptoms Of Cleansed Healthy Ulcers

An ulcer, not belonging to any of the above said types, may prove easily amenable to the curative efficacies of medicines. In other words, an ulcer of recent origin is easily uprooted like a tender sapling of recent growth. An ulcer, which is unaffected by any of the three deranged bodily humours, and which assumes a dark brown hue along its edges, and is characterised by the absence of any pain, pustular eruptions or secretions, and which is of an even or of an equal elevation throughout its length, should be regarded as cleansed (asepsised or healthy), and divested of all morbid matter or principle (Shuddha-Vrana).

Symptoms Of Healing Ulcers

An ulcer, which is dove-coloured (yellowish dusky), and is not lardaceous at its base, and is further characterised by the absence of any muco-purulent secretion along its margin, and which has become hard and surrounded by shreds of dead skin, and presents symptoms of healthy granulation, should be looked upon as in course of healing.

Symptoms Of Healed Ulcers

An ulcer, with its edges firmly adhered and characterised by the absence of any pain and swelling and not appearing knotty or glandular to the touch and that has left a cicatrix of the same hue with the surrounding skin, should be considered as perfectly healed.

Causes, such as mental excitements, as excessive grief and ecstacies of joy, anger or fright, as well as an external blow, or excessive physical exercise, or an abnormal excitation of any of the deranged humours, or an impaired digestion, may tend to reopen an ulcer recently adhered and healed. Accordingly such acts and conditions should be avoided by an ulcer-patient.

Thus ends the twenty-third Chapter of the Sutrasthanam in the Sushruta Samhita, which treats of the prognosis of ulcers.