Treatment Of ŚUshkáKshi-Paka

Saindhavd, Devaddru and Śunthi and the expressed juice of Mátulunga, water, breast-milk and clarified butter mixed together and duly prepared (in the manner of Rasa-kriyá) should be prescribed as an Anjana in cases of Śushkákshi-páka. The taking of clarified butter cooked with the drugs of the Jivaniya group and the filling of the cavity of the eye with the same, as well as snuffing with the Arm-taila * are also efficacious in such cases. Washes composed of cold milk with the admixture of Saindhava salt or of milk cooked with Rajani and Deva-dáru and mixed with (a little quantity of) Saindhava are efficacious. Mahaushadha (Sunthi) rubbed over a stone-slab with clarified butter and breast-milk is also recommended as an Anjana (eye-salve) †. The Vasá (essence of the flesh) of aquatic animals or of those which frequent swampy grounds, mixed with a little quantity of powdered S'unthi and Sanidliava salt (and rubbed on stone-slab) should be applied to the eyes as an Anjana (collyrium) in a case of Śushkâkshi-pâka (Non-secreting type of conjunctivites). Let the intelligent physician treat the sight-destroying Vátaja affections of the eye of what-soever kind in accordance with the principle herein inculcated. 4-5.

* According to Dallana and Gayadása, this Ghrita should be prepared without any Kalka. S'rikanta holds that the drugs Vrikshaddni, Kapittha and the Pancha-mula should be taken as Kalka and the Ghrita prepared with three parts of milk. S'ivadása also seems to support this view.

Thus ends the ninth Chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sus'ruta Samhita which deals with the medical treatment of Vataja Abhishyanda.

* According to Dallana, this Anu-taila is not the one described in Chapter V (Medical Treatment Of Snake-Bites (Sarpa-Dashta Kaipa-Chikitsitam)) of the Chikitsita Sthana; but the one described in the S'alakya-Tantra.

† This Couplet May Also Be Translated As Follows

Anjana (black-antimony) rubbed over a stone-slab with clarified butter and breast-milk is also recommended as a best remedy in such cases.