Signs Of Male And Female Conception

An enciente, in whose right mammaethe milk is first detected, who first lifts up her right leg at the time of locomotion, whose right eye looks larger, or who evinces a longing largely for things of masculine names, dreams of having received lotus flowers (red and white), Utpala, Kumuda. Amrataka, or flowers of such masculine denomination in her sleep, or the glow of whose face becomes brighter during pregnancy, may be expected to give birth to a male child; whereas the birth of a daughter or a female child should be pre-assumed from the contriety of the foregoing indications. An enciente whose sides become raised and the forepart of whose abdomen is found to bulge out will give birth to a sex-less (hermaphrodite) child. An enciente, the middle part of whose abdomen becomes sunk or divided in the middle like a leather-bag, will give birth to a twin. 20.

Memorable Verses

Those women who are devout in their worship of the gods and the Brahmins and cherish a clean soul in a clean body during pregnancy are sure to be blest with good, virtuous and generous children; whereas a contrary conduct during the period is sure to be attended with contrary fruits. The development of the limbs and the members etc. of a foetus in the womb is natural and spontaneous, and the qualities and conditions which mark these organs are determined by the acts of the child which are anterior to its genesis and were done in its prior existence. 21-22.

Thus ends the third Chapter of the S'árira Sthánam in the Sus'ruta Samhitŕ which treats of the generation and pregnancy.