Frothy vomits, bending of the middle of the trunk, anxious appearance, loud crying, upward gaze of the eyes, constant emaciation (fever-D. R.), a fatty smell in the body and unconsciousness are the symptoms which mark a case of an attack by the Naigamesha. 13.

Prognosis: - A stupified state of the child attended with anaversion to breast-milk and constant fits of fainting as well as the full development of all the specific symptoms show the imminent fatal termination of the disease. Otherwise it may prove amenable to medical treatment, if it be not a case of long standing. T4.

Rules To Be Observed

The child should be kept in a clean and purified chamber and its body should be rubbed or anointed with old and matured clarified butter. Mustard seeds should be strewn all over the floor (by a person) in a clean state and a lamp of mustard oil should be kept perpetually burning therein. Libations of clarified butter with the drugs of the Satva-gandha and Sarvoushadhi * groups and garlands of flowers as well as sandal paste shouldbe cast into the fire and kept continually burning by reciting the following incantations, "Obeisance to thee, O fire-god, obeisance to thee, O goddess Krittika, obeisance to thee, O Skanda, obeisance to thee, O lord of the Grahas (which has cast this malignant influence). With head down with deep humility, I supplicate thy favour. Dost thou accept the offerings I have made to thee. May my child get rid of the disease it has been suffering from. Makest it hale and hearty again." 15.

Thus ends the twenty-seventh chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sus'ruta-Samhita which deals with the specific features of an attack by the nine (malignant) Grahas.

* The drugs of the Eladi group are known as Sawa-gandha. Sarvaaushadhi drugs here mean Yava, Dha'nya, Tila, etc.