Treatment Of Pana-Vibhrama


Panaka composed of Draksha, Kapittka, Phala (Matu-lunga, etc.) and Dadima sweetened with profuse quantity of sugar and honey, as well as the one made with the expressed juice of Kola and Amrataka sweetened in the same manner would prove curative in a case of Pana-vibhrama. A compound consisting of Kharjura, Vetra, Karira, Parushaka, Draksha and Trivrit pounded together and disolved in cold water should be taken, sweetened with sugar, or the same should be taken in combination with S'ri-parni. In the alternative, the tender sprouts of Kskiri-trees, Visa (Mrinala), Jiraka, Nagapuskpa, Patra, Elavalu, Sita-sariva, Padmaka, Amrataka, B/iavya, Karamarda, Kapittha, Kola, Vrikskdma, Vetra-fruits, Jiraka, Dadima, Yaskti-madhu and Utpala, all pounded together and mixed with the cold infusion of such drugs as Markka, Jiraka, Naga-pushpa, Tvak, Patra, Vis'va, Ckavikd and Eld filtered through a piece of thin linen duly perfumed with the addition of scented drugs would be found curative in the seven types of distempers which have their origin in drinking excesses. 28. Objects which arc pleasing to the five sense-organs of man and gratifying to the mind and heart, as well as

* Dallana in his commentatory says that some readTreatment Of Pana Vibhrama 30093 in place of and others readin place of light wine should be always prescribed in a case of Panatayaya and the patient should be enlivened with the embrace of handsome and youthful damsels exceedingly attached to the gratification of the senses with splendid hips and thighs with their slender waists drooping under the weight of the exuberance of their breasts. 29.

Potions prepared with powders of Naga-pushpa, Aj'aj'i, Krishna and Maricha taken in equal parts mixed with sugar. Madhuka and Tri-sugandhi and then disolved in the expressed juice of Kushmanda fruits, should be taken. The drugs known as Varshabhu, Yashtyahva., Madhuka, Laksha, Tvak, tender sprouts of Karvudara. Jiraka, Draksha, Krishna and Kes'ara should be given mixed with tepid milk. 30 - 31.

A person afflicted with diseases due to the excess of Sura. Asava, etc. should be treated with the same wines (Surd, Asava, etc.) duly administered otherwise he will be ruined, in the same manner as a person who has incurred the king's displeasure, should be saved by courting the royal favour. An inveterate drunkard giving up his habit of drinking is afflicted with the symptoms of Panatyaya if he suddenly revert to his former pernicious habit. 32 - 33.

The Agneya and Vayaviya virtues of wine tend to produce a dryness in the water carrying channels of the body, hence thirst is experienced by a drunkard person. A cold infusion of Patola, flowers and bulbs of Utpala, and Mudga-parni mixed with Magadhika' should be taken under the circumstances (reactionary thirst), or oil, clarifiied butter. Vasa (lard) and marrow (D. R. -milk) should be duly cooked with curd (four times), expressed juice of Bhringa-ra'ja (four times), and the decoction of Vilva and Yava (four times) with the Kalkas of the drugs known as the Sarva-gandha should be applied as an Abhyanga. The body should be sprinkled (Seka) with the cold decoction *. Palatable foods and cold, pleasing and scented cordials should be prescribed according to the nature and intensity of the deranged bodily Doshas underlying the disease. 34 -35,

The heat generated by drinking being aggravated by bodily Pitta and blood of an intoxicated person, escapes through the surface of the skin and causes a feeling of intense burning (Da'ha) which should be remedied with measures and therapeutic agents prescribed in connection with the aggravation of Pitta. 36.