Himsradi Ghrita

Clarified butter should be duly cooked with a Kola (D. R. Karsha) weight each of * Himsra, Vidanga, Putika, Tri-phala, Vyosha and Chitraka, and with milk twice as much and water four times as much as clarified butter. A draught of this mediated Ghrita relieves both cough and asthma and proves curative in cases of piles, aversion to food, Gulma, diarrhoea and consumption (Kshaya). t6.

A quantity of clarified butter, duly cooked with four times as much of the decoction of all the parts (viz.- leaves, branches, barks, flowers and roots) of Vasaka and with its roots and flowers as Kalka, should be used with honey when cold (in cases of asthma). 17.


A Prastha measure of clarified butter duly cooked with S'ringi, Madhurika Bhargi, S'unthi, Rasanjana, sugar, Ambuda, Haridra and Yashti-madhu all taken in equal parts and as Kalka and with four times of water, would cure cases of cough, asthma and hiccough. 18.

Suvahadi Ghrita

A Prastha measure of clarified butter should be duly cooked with twice as much of water and with a Kola (one Tola. D. R. - Karsha) weight each of Suvaha, Kalika, Bhargi, S'ukanasa, fruits of Nichula. Kakadani, S'ringavera, Varshabhu and the two kinds of Vrihati. Taken hot after being made pungent (by the addition of some pungent drug e.g., Pippali), it would cure all forms of asthma. 19.

Calrified butter duly cooked with the admixture of Souvarchala, Yava-kshara, Katuka, Vyosha, Chitraka, Vacha, Abhaya, and Vidanga, proves curative in a case of asthma. Similarly clarified butter duly cooked with the decoction of Gopa-valli (Sariva) weighing twice as much as the clarified butter is also prescribed. Physicians prescribe these five medicated Ghritas in cases of asthma and cough.* 20-21

* Some prescribe the Kalkas to he taken in the ordinary way and say that the dose would he one Kola weight.


Clarified butter mixed with Hingu weighing a quarter part of its own weight and duly cooked m combination with four times as much of water and with Talis'a, Tamalaki and Ugra, Jivanti, Kushtha, Saindhava, Bilva, Pushkara, Putika, Souvar-chala, Kana (Pippali), Agni (Chitraka), Pathya, (Hari-taki) and Tejovati as Kalka proves curative in all forms of asthma. The medicated Ghrita known as Vasa'-Ghrita † and Shatpala-Ghrita ‡ would likewise prove beneficial. 22.

The proper use of oil duly cooked in combination with the expressed juice of Bhringa-raja weighing ten times as much, would relieve cough and asthma. 23.

Meat As Diet

Essence of any bird of the Vishkira species (e.g. chicken, Lava, etc.) charged with the juice of any acid fruit (e g. pomegranate, Vijapura, etc.) and with clarified butter and salted with a profuse quantity of Saindhava, or the soup of Kulattha cereals, properly cooked with the heads of Ena deer, etc., as well as milk duly cooked with (Anti-asthmatic and Vayu-subduing) drugs (e.g. Pancha-mula) would destroy cough and asthma. 24.