The Five Lambatives

A lambativc composed of any of the following five groups of drugs mentioned in a hemistich each, viz, Tims'a-seeds, Karkata-S'ringi and S'uvarchika (Jatuka-creeper), or Dura-labha, Pippali, Katuka and Haritaki, or porcupine's hair, peo-cock's feather, Kola' (Chavya) Magadhika, and Kana, * or Bhargi, Tvak, (cardamom), S'ringavera, S'arkara' (sugar) and S'allaka-bark, or the well-pounded seeds of Tri-kantaka alone, should be licked with honey and clarified butter by a patient suffering from cough and asthma. 25.

* Some editors add this sentence after the next (Talisadi) Ghrita.

† Vasa-Ghrita is mentioned in the treatment of Rakta-pitta (Ch. XLV, 20, Uttara-Tantra). It should be prescribed in cases of asthma when Pitta predominates.

‡ Shatpala-Ghrita is mentioned in the treatment of Vata-Vyadhi. It should be prescribed if Vayu prevail.

Powders of sapta-chchhada-flowers and Pippali should be taken with curd-cream (Mastu) or powders of fried barley grains (?) previously soaked for several times in the expressed juice of tender Arka-twigs together with honey should be taken. As an alternative, a patient suffering from asthma would drink the Tarpana (cordial) prepared with the above-mentioned barley-powder (by mixing it with a copious quantity of water and) with honey. 26.

A potion prepared with the flowers of S'irisha, Kadali and of Kunda and with Magadhika and dissolved in the washings of rice would completely cure all forms of asthma. The pith or inner pulp of Kola-stone, roots of Tala (palm) tree (D. R. - Tala-muli) and the burnt skin † of a deer of the Rishya species, should be taken with honey; or Bhargi with honey and clarified butter, or Kadamba-seeds and Nimba in combination with honey and the washings of rice. 27 - 28.

Draksha, Haritaki, Krishna, Karkata-sringi and Duralabha in combination with honey and clarified butter, should be licked by a patient whereby he would get rid even of a violent attack of asthma. A lambative composed of the equal parts of Haridra Maricha, Draksha, treacle, Rasna, Kana and S'athi. should be given to be licked with oil by an asthma-patient, conforming to the regimen of wholesome diet. 29 - 30.

* Maghadhika and Kana are synonyms and mean Pippali. Some, therefore, prescribe two parts of Pippali in the compound. Others prescribe one part of Pippali, and one of Gaja-pippali.

† The skin of the deer should be burnt in a covered earthen pitcher and the black contents should be used.

The expressed liquid of cow-dung and horse-dung should be licked by the patient with honey and powdered Pippali in cases of cough and asthma. The medicinal remedies or compounds mentioned in connection with Pandu-roga, and edema (Sotha) or cough, may be employed with efficacy both in cough and asthma. A compound made of Bhargi, Tvak, Tryushana, oil, Haridra, Katu-rohini, Pippali, Maricha, Chanda and the expressed liquid of cow-dung should be given (to be licked). Utka'rika should be prepared with Tala-keeta-vija *. Taken internally, it instantaneously subdues even a violent attack of asthma. 31 - 34.