Articles Recommended

Matured clarified butter, Pippali, soups of Kulattha, or of the flesh of any Jangala animal, Sura. Souviraka (fermented rice-boilings), Hingu, the expressed juice of Matuluuga, honey, Draksha, Ainalaki and Bilva are recommended (as diet) in cases of asthma and hiccough. 35.

Application Of Sveda

Oily fomentation (Snigdha-Sveda) with the help of oil and salt should be applied to the patient suffering from asthma and hiccough, whereby the hardened Kapha (accumulated in the channels) would be liquefied and the deranged bodily Vayu pacified. If the Vayu and Kapha be not thereby pacified, the patient should be first treated with Sneha and then with a diet consisting of boiled rice cooked with meat-soup. Application of Dhuma-inhalation should then be resorted to. 36A.

* We do not know what 'Tala-keeta' is. Some printed editions read "Talpa-keeta" which would evidently mean a "bug". Dallana is silent on the point.

Application Of Dhuma

The stick (Varti) to be used in the process should be duly made of Manafir s'ila, Deva-daru. Han'dra, Patra, Guggulu, Laksha and Eranda-roots made into a paste. Compounds made of clarified butter, fresh wax and resin; or of cow's horn, hairs, hoof, tendon and skin; or of Turashka (Sila-rasa), S'allaki (Mocha-rasa), Guggulu and Padmaka, should be pounded together (and made into sticks) with the addition of clarified butter. An intelligent physician should use these (sticks) for the purpose of smoke-inhalation in the disease. 36.

Purging and vomiting should be induced in a patient overwhelmed with the action of the deranged Kapha, while Tarpana measures with the administration of a potion of the well-cooked soup of mutton or of the flesh of any Jangala or Anupa animal, should be prescribed in the case of a weak or enfeebled patient, or in respect of one suffering from an internal parched condition of the body. 37.

A lambative should be prepared with Nidigdhika paste of the weight of an Amalaka, mixed with half as much of powdered Hingu and with a copious quantity of honey. Duly taken, it would per force conquer a paroxysm of asthma within three days. 38.

Irresistible is an attack of asthma like that of a fire fed with heaps of fuel (D. R. fanned by the wind) or like that of the thunderbolt hurled by the wrathful Indra, the king of the gods. 39.

Thus ends the fifty-first chapter in the Uttara-Tantra of the Sus'ruta-Samhita which deals with the (symptoms and) treatment of asthma.