Treatment Of Pittaja And Raktaja Types

In the Pittaja and Raktaja types (of Pratis'yaya) the patient should be given draughts * of clarified butter duly cooked with the drugs of the Kakolyadi group. Cold † washes and plasters should also be used. Sarjarasa (Resin), Pattanga (red-sandal), Priyangu, honey, sugar, Draksha, Madhulika (Guduchi), Goji, S'ri-parni and Yashti-madhu should be prescribed as gurgles, and purgings (errhines?) should be induced with the help of the drugs of sweet potency (such as Draksha, Aragbadka, honey, sugar, etc.). Oil duly cooked with (a paste composed of) Dhava-bark, Tri-phala, S'ydma, Tilvaka, Yashti-madhu, S'ri-pami, Rajani, and with milk weighing ten times as much as oil, should be preserved for a time and used as an errhine (Nasya) in either of these cases. 20.

Treatment Of Kaphaja Type

in a case of the Kaphaja-Pratisya'ya, emulsive measures (Sneha-karma) should be performed with clarified butter, and the patient should be made to vomit by using Yavagu (gruel) prepared with Masha-pulse and Tila, (sesamum-seed), after which the general Kapha-subduing measure should be employed. Oil duly cooked with the two kinds of Bald, the two kinds of Brihati,

* Some readTreatment Of Pittaja And Raktaja Types 30050 in place of This word means that the clarified butter for use in this case should be duly cooked with the (bitter) drugs, viz., the leaves of Patola, etc.

† Both the commentators of Vrinda and Chakradatta explain the termTreatment Of Pittaja And Raktaja Types 30053 (cold) to mean 'prepared with the drugs of cold potency such as the drugs of the Nyagrodhadi and Utpaladi groups.'

Vidanga, Tri-kantaka, S'veta-raots, Saha (Mudga-parni), Bhadra (Gambhari) and Varshabhu should be employed as an errhinc. Sara/a, Kinihi, Daru, Nikumbha (Danti) and Ingudl should be pasted together and duly formed as Vartis, These Vartis should be duly used for the purposes of smoking (Dhuma-pana) 21-22.

Treatment Of Tri-Doshaja Type

Clarified butter duly prepared with the drugs of bitter and pungent tastes, inhalation of the smoke of strong-potencied drugs as well as the use of articles of pungent taste and other appropriate medicinal preparations would prove curative in a case of Tri-doshaja Pratis'yaya (nasal catarrh) brought about by the aggravation of all the three Doshas. An intelligent physician should prescribe as an errhine the medicated oil duly cooked and prepared with the admixture of Rasdnjana, Ati-visha, Musta and Bhadra-daru. Gargles prepared with the decoction of Musta, Tejovati, Patha, Katphala, Katuka, Vacha, Sarshapa (mustard), Pippali-mula, Pippali, Saindhava, Agnika (Ajamoda), Tuttha, Karanja-seeds, Salt and Bhadra-darit should be prescribed. Oil duly; cooked with the preceding drugs is recommended for purging (Siro-vireka) the head of the patient. 23-24.

Flesh of birds and beasts of the Jangala group, aquatic flowers and the Vayu-subduing drugs (Bhadra-darvadi) should be duly cooked in milk mixed with water weighing half as much as the milk. * The liquid in this case should be reduced to the original quantity of milk, when it should be taken clown and allowed to cool. Clarified butter should then be prepared from this milk and should be agair duly cooked with the drugs of the Sarvagandha (Eladi) group, sugar, Ananta, Yashtimadhu and (red) Chandana and with a quantity of milk ten times its own weight. All types of nasal catarrh, yield to the curative efficacy of this medicated Ghrita, if used as an errhine (Nasya). Oils medicated with the drugs remedial to the specific deranged Dosha involved in each case under treatment should also be prescribed. 25-26.

* Some say that milk and water in equal parts should he taken.

All the foregoing preparations should be surcharged with the urine and bile of a cow and used in cases due to the existence of local parasites , and vermifuges (e. g., drugs of the Surasadi group) should be administered as a palliative measure.* 27.

Thus ends the twenty-fourth chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sus'ruta Samhita which deals with the (symptoms and) medical treatment of Pratis'yaya.

* In places ofTreatment Of Tri Doshaja Type 30054 Chakradatta reads ie., as an errhine. He also readsi.e., pasted with the urine (of a cow), and thus does not read the bile of a cowin the text. Vrinda, however, readsin place ofwhich means that vermifuges should be used for washing purposes.