Inhalation Of Dhuma

The patient should be made to inhale the smoke of a burning Varti (medicinal stick) composed of Bhargi, Vacha and Hiugu, pounded together and mixed with clarified butter, or of the scrapings of (green) bamboo,* Ela and Lavana mixed with clarified butter. Similarly, a patient suffering from an attack of cough due to Vata and Kapha should inhale the smoke of a Varti prepared with Musta, bark of Ingudi, Yaskti-madhu, Mansi, Manah-s'ila and Haritala pasted together with goat's urine and then take a draught of milk. 16.

In the alternative, Sidhu (a kind of wine) should be taken in combination with Markka, whereby a fit of cough would be instantaneously subdued. Milk duly boiled and cooked with the admixture of Draksha, Ambu (Valaka), Manjisktha and Pura † should be taken with honey. Well-boiled Mudga pulse should be taken with powdered Kanta-Karika, Nagara and pippali mixed with honey; Utkaraka (a kind of confection) prepared with clarified butter, Mula §, Truti (Ela), leaves of Vadara and a -copious quantity of powdered Nagara should be used. A thin Peya prepared with the preceding drugs may be taken cold in combination with honey. 17 - 19.

Treatment Of Vataja Kasa

The medi catcd clarified butter mentioned in connection with the medical treatment of Plihodara (enlargement of spleen) and known as Shadanga-Ghrita * proves equally curative in cases of Vataja-Kasa. Clarified butter duly cooked with the drugs of the Vidari-gaudhadi group, or with the expressed juice of Vasaka, would also prove beneficial. Applications of purgatives with any Sneha, as well as those of Astha'paua or Anuva'sana-Vasti arc recommended. Inhalation of Snaihika (oleaginous) Dhuma as well as potions of lukewarm clarified butter, gruels duly cooked with meat-essence, milk and lamba-tives saturated with clarified butter, may be taken with advantage in such a case. 20.

* Dallana explainsTreatment Of Vataja Kasa 300112 as(leaves of bamboo).

† Pua means S'allaki (gum) or Guggulu. -Dallana.

‡ Dallana readsTreatment Of Vataja Kasa 300114 as a variant and explains that the powders of Tri-katu should be added in a large quantity in place of honey.

§ By the termTreatment Of Vataja Kasa 300115 some mean(raddish), while others take it to mean the drugs of the Pancha-nmla group.

Treatment Of Kaphaja Kasa

Cases of Kaphaja-Katsa readily yield to the use of emetics, purgatives, medicinal head-purgatives, medicinal gargles, hot and pungent lambativcs as welt as the inhalation of smoke (Dhuma). Any articles of food which are emaciating (i.e., light, percifying and small in quantity and even fasting) should more particularly be beneficial. A case of cough due to the action of the deranged bodily Kapha is relieved by the use of Tri-katu,† or of clarified butter duly cooked with the expressed juice of Krimighna ‡ (Vidanga) or with the expressed juice of the leaves of Nirgundi. 2r.

A clarified butter duly cooked in combination with twice as much juice of Nidigdhika (Kantikari) and with the Kalka of Patha, Vit-salt, Vyosha, Vidanga, Saindhava, Tri-kantaka (Gokshura), Rasna, Chitraka, Vala, S'ringi, Vacha, Musta, Deva-daru, Duralabha. Bhargi, Abhaya and S'athi, proves curative in asthma, dulness of digestion, hoarseness, as well as the violent attacks of the five different types of cough. 22.

* For Shadanga-ghrita, sec chapter XIV (Blood (Shonita-Varnaniya-Madhyayam)), Para 18. It is belter known a., Shatpalaka-Ghrita.

† According to Vygbhata the clarified butter should be duly cooked with the Kalka of Tri-katu and with the decoction (Rasa) of Vidanga.

‡ Some take 'Krimighna' to mean Vidanga, others take it to meah any antiparasitic drug, viz., the drug of the Surasadi-gana, Dallann. The infusion or decoction of Vidanga should be used if its expressed juice be not available. - Ibid.