Pittaja And Kshayaja Kasa

A case of cough of the Pittaja-type, as well as the one due to the wasting (Kshaya) brought about by sexual excess, yields to the use every morning of the clarified butter, duly cooked with the decoction of the drugs of the Vidari-gaadhadi, Utpaladi, Sarivadi and the Madhura (i.e. Kakolyadi) groups and with the expressed juice of sugar-cane, water, milk and with the drugs of the Kakolyadi group as Kalka and with the addition of sugar as an after-throw. The three cases viz., Pittaja, Kshataja (ulcer-orignied) and Kshayaja (due to any wasting process in the system) of Kasa are relieved by the use of the compound prepared with Kharjura, Bhargi, Pippali, Piyala, Madhulika. Ela and Amalaka mixed in equal parts, and taken with a copious quantity of clarified butter, honey and sugar. 23 - 24.

Cases of the Kshataja (ulcerated) or Kshayaja (con-, sumptive) Kasa, would become amenable to the use of a compound consisting of the equal parts of Rakta (Manjishtha), Haridra. Anj'ana (antimony), Chitraka, Patha, Murva and Pippali pounded together and taken with honey, or of clarified butter duly cooked with the expressed juice of sugar-cane. Amalaka powder duly cooked with milk and taken in combination with clarified butter would prove efficacious. Persons afflicted with the three types of cough may take with |benefit the fine powders of wheat, barley as well as of the drugs of the Kakolyadi group, with milk and clarified butter. Treacle boiled with water should be taken, when cold, with honey and with Maricha taken at intervals by biting it. 25 - 28.


Three Prastha measures of the expressed juice of Amalaka and half a Tula measure (six seers and a half) of treacle should be duly cooked with eight-Pala-weight of powdered Trivrit (lightly fried) with eight-Pala measures of oil. Powdered Granthika (Pippali-roots), Chavya. Jiraka, Vyosha, Gaja-pippali, Havasha, Alamoda, Vidanga, Saindhava, Tri-phala, Yamani. Patha, Chitraka and Dhanya, each weighing a Pichu weight (two Tolas) should then be added to it as an after-throw and the whole compound should be scented with the three scented drugs (Tvak, Ela and Patra). The patient should take an Aksha (two Tola) weight of this preparation. The medicine thus prepared is called Kalyanaka Guda and it proves curative in cases of Grahani, cough, asthma, hoarseness of voice and phthisis. It serves to improve appetite, increase the semen of males and remove sterility in females. There is no special restriction about the regimen of diet and conduct when it is used. 29.


Two Palas each of the drugs known as Das'a-mula, Gaja-pippali, Atma-gupta. Bhargi, S'athi, Puskkara-voots, S'unthi. Patha, Gulancha, Granthika (Pippali-roots), S'amkha-pushpi, Rasna, Chitraka, Apamarga, Vala and Duralabha, and one Adhaka (half a seer) of Yava together with one hundred large-sized Haritaki should be boiled with one Drona measure of water and taken down from the oven with its three-quarter part evaporated in the process. It should then be filtered through a piece of linen. A Tula weight of treacle should be dissolved in the above decoction and duly cooked with thei addition of a Kudava measure each of oil and clarified butter. When the cooking is finished, powdered Pippali should be added as an after-throw and honey should be mixed with it, when cooled. One Karsha weight of this elixir Leha should be licked every day in combination with two Abhayas. It conquers cases of phthisis. Grahani edema, dulness of appetitc, hoarseness of voice, cough, Pandu, asthma, head-ache (Siroroga), Hrid-roga (diseases of the heart)., hiccough and Vishama Jwara. A regular use of this elixir improves strength and memory, imparts vigour of mind and energy of action and removes disinclination to work. It was first concocted by the holy sage, Agastya. 30.

Clarified butter duly cooked with the decoction made by boiling the drug's of the Madhura or any other suit-able group with the essence of Kulira (crab), Sukti, Chataka, Ena-deer and Lava proves curative in the case of cough due to the presence of any ulcer (in the lungs) or to any wasting process: in the system. The use of clarified butter duly cooked with S'atavari, Naga-vala and Vala proves beneficial to a person afflicted with cough. 31 - 32.

Thus ends the fifty-second chapter of the Uttara Tantra in the Sus'ruta Samhita which deals with the (symptoms and) treatment of cough