General Religious Treatment

Japas (mental repetition of a Mantra sacred to any deity), Homas (offering of oblations to the gods) and other religious rites in accordance with the proper rules should be undertaken by a careful physician for their propitiation. Offerings of garlands of red flowers with red scents (such as red Sandal paste, Kumkuma, etc.), seeds (such as mustard, barley, etc.\ honey, clarified butter and all sorts of victuals are the articles required generally for (propitiation of) all classes (of Grahas). 21.

Specific Religious Treatment

Clothes, wine, blood, flesh or milk should be offered to them according to their respective likings*. Offerings to the respective Grahas should be made on the day corresponding to that in which they generally strike their victims. Homas in the fire with the offerings of Kus'a, Svastika, cakes (Pupa), clarified butter, umbrella and Payasa (porridge) should be made to the Deva (celestial) Grahas in divine temples. To the Asura Grahas the offering should the made in the yard (Chatwara), etc. of a house at the proper time {vis. at evening); offerings to the Gandharva Grahas should be made with wine and the soup of Jangala animals in the midst of a gathering ; while those to the Yaksha Grahas should be made inside a house with the cakes of boiled Masha pulse (Kulmasha), blood, wine, etc. The Pitri Grahas should be propitiated with the offerings made on Kus'a grass together with Madhavi and and Kunda flowers on the banks of a river; offerings to the Rakshasas should be dedicated in dreadful lonely forests or at the crossing of two roads, while to the Pisachas cooked or uncooked flesh should be offered in a lonely chamber. 22.

* This S'loka corresponding to "cloth......likings" is only a variant according to Dallana. He does not seem to read this S'loka.

Medical Treatment

In case the prevalent Mantras enjoined to be recited on such occasions (in works on Demonology) are found to be ineffective the following medical measures, should be employed. Skin and hairs of a goat, a bear, a Salyaka (porcupine), or of an owl pasted togother with Hingu and goat's urine and made into incense sticks, should be burnt before the patient, who would be fumigated with the fumes emitted therefrom. The attack even of a violent Graha would readily yield to it. The drugs known as Gaja-pippali, Pippali-roots, Tti-katu, Amalaka and Sarshapa, duly soaked in the biles of a lizard, mungoose, cat and bear should be employed as unguents, snuffs and wash by an experienced physician. Dungs of an ass, horse, mule, owl, camel*, dog, jackal, vulture, crow and boar pasted together with the urine of a she-goat should be duly cooked with an adequate quantity of oil. The oil thus prepared would be beneficial if used (as snuff, etc.) in the preceding manner. 23-25.

* The word in the text is 'Karabha' which many mean a camel or an elephant. Dallana explicitly explains the word as a camel.

S'irisha-seed, Las'una, S'unthi, Siddharthaka, Vacha, Manjishtha Rajani and Krishna should be pasted together with goat's mine and dried in the shade. Vartis (sticks) prepared with this should be applied with the bile (of a cow) along the eyelids as an Anjana. Vartis prepared with Naktamala-fruit., Tri-katu, roots of S'yonaka and of Vilva as well as the two kinds of Haridra should be used as an Anjana in a similar way. Saindhava, Katuka, Hingu, Vayastha (Guduchi) and Vac/id, pasted together with goat's urine and with the bile of a fish, should be similarly used as an Anjana in cases of attacks by the Grahas which would not otherwise yield. 26-28.

Matured clarified butter, Las'una, Hingu, Siddhdrthaka, Vacha, Golotni, Ajalomi, Bhutakes'i (Jatamamsi), Jata (Gandha-mamsi), Kukkuti (a kind of bulb), Sarpa-gandha, Kana, (Kshira-kakoli), Vishanika (Madhurika), Rishya-prokta, Vayastha, S'ringi, Mohana-Valli, (Vata-patrika), Arka-roots, Tri-katu, Lata (Priyangu), Anjana (Rasanjana) Srotonjana, Naipali, Haritala and other articles which have the efficacy of exorcising evil spirits, as well as the dungs, hairs, skin, Vasa, urine, blood, bile nails, etc. of lions, tigers, bears, cats, elephants, horses cows, dogs, Salyakas, lizards, camels, mongooses, etc., should be used in the preparation of oil and clarified butter which should be used internally as well as in snuffing and as unguents. Pills made of the above drugs should be used in sprinkling (wash) and their powdered compound in dusting (the body of the patient). A paste prepared with the above drugs should be used as plasters. The due and proper application of the oil, Ghrita. etc. thus prepared would, in a very short time, surely cures ail sorts of mental disorders. 29.

Unholy and improper articles should not be employed in a case due to the influence of any Deva Graha (divine spirit). No hostile measure should be adopted in a case of possession by a Graha other than that due to the influence of a Pis'acha Graha in as much as the mighty Grahas, if offended, might kill both the patient and the physician for the act. A physician, treating such a case with discretion according to the rules laid dawn in the chapter known as the Hitahita (Ch. XX, Sutra-Sthana) may acquire both fame and wealth. 30 -31.

Thus ends the sixtieth chapter of the Uttara-Tantra in the Sus'ruta-Samhita which deals with the (symptoms and) treatment of the disease brought on through superhuman influences.