Samsamana Decoctions For Kaphaja Jwara

A decoction of Saptachchhada, Gudu-chi, Nimba and Sphurjaka mixed with honey, or of Tri-katu, Naga-Kes'ara, Haridra, Katurohini and Indra-yava, or of Chitraka, Haridra, Nimba, Us'ira, Ativisha, Vacha, Kushtha, Indra-yava, Murva and Patola mixed with honey and pulverised Maricha (black pepper) should be given in a case of Kaphaja fever. A decoction of Sariva, Ativisha, Kushtha, Puru (Guggulu), Durdlabha and Musta, or of Musta, Vrikshaka-seeds (Indra-yava), Tri-phala, Katurohini and Parushaka will be found to be equally efficacious in the case of Kaphaja fever. 90 - 94.

Treatment Of Kapha-Vataja Jwara

A decoction of the component members of the Raja-vrikshadi group mixed with honey and taken in due course, would readily prove curative in a case of fever due to the concerted action of Va'ta and Kapha. The exhibition of the decoction of Nagara, Dhanyaka, Bhargi, Abhaya, Devadaru Vacha, Parpataka, Musta, Bhutika, and Katphala mixed with honey and Hingu (asafcetida) would be attended by almost instantaneous benefit in the present type of fever accompanied with bronchitis, cough, asthma, constriction of the throat, hic-eough, swelling in the throat and aching pain at the chest and at the sides. 95 - 96.

Pitta-S'Leshmaja Jwara

A decoction duly prepared with Ela, Patola, Tri-phala, Yashtyahva, and Vrisha (Vasaka) and mixed with honey, or one of Katuka, Vijaya, (Haritaki), Draksha, Musta and Parpataka, or of Bhargi, Vacha, Parpataka, Dhanydka,

Hingu, Abhaya, Ghana, Nagaia and Kas'marya mixed with honey would prove efficacious in a case of fever due to the combined action of the deranged Pitta and

Sleshma. Similarly two Tola-measure of powdered

Katuka and sugar dissolved in warm water proves curative equally in a case of the present type. 97 - 100.

A decoction of Bhu-nimba, Guduchi, Draksh, Amalaki and S'athi mixed with treacle, or of Rasna, Vrisha

(Vasaka), Tri-phala and fruits of Raja-vriksJm proves curative in a case of fever due to the combined action of the deranged Va'yu and Pitta 101 - 102.

Drugs and therapeutic agents remedial to each of the specific deranged Doshas involved in a case of the Tri-doshaja type should be employed in combination for cure according to the predominance of each Dosha. A potion of milk duly boiled with Vris'chika (white Punarnava). Varshabhu (red Punarnava), Vilva and water, but from which the water has entirely evaporated would prove curative in Tri-doshaja fever. The pith and marrow of a S'irisha tree duly mixed with milk (weighing eight limes that of the drug) and with water weighing three times that of the milk, should be boiled down to the quantity of the milk which, if administered as a drink would prove curative in Tri-doshaja fever. A potion of the decoction * duly prepared with the roots of Nala and of Vetasa (cane) and Murva and Devadaru would prove remedial to this form of fever.† Clarified butter mixed with the decoction of Tri-phala should be given to a patient suffering from an attack of Tri-doshaja fever. ‡ 103 - 106.

Two-Tola-measure of powdered Ananta (Duralabha), Valaka, Musta, S'unthi and Katuka should be given with (one Pala of) tepid water with benefit to a patient before sun-rise in Tridoshaja fever. Moreover, it acts as a good appetiser. Any one or two of the (groups of the) drugs of the purgative or appetising properties can be employed with benefit in a case of (chronic) fever. A lambative composed of Abhaja pasted together with honey and mixed with oil and clarified butter should be licked by the patient in a case of Tri-doshaja fever. Trivrit with honey would pacify a case of high fever. 107 - 109.

Medical treatment of Vishama-

Jwara: - Purgatives and emetics should be exhibited in a case of Vishama Jwara and the medicated clarified butter described under the treatment of Plihodara (chapter XIV (Blood (Shonita-Varnaniya-Madhyayam)) Chikitsa-sthana), or pulverised Tri-phala § with the addition of treacle may be advantageously used in the type under discussion. A decoction of

* The decoction should be prepared with water only or with milk and water according to the rules of Kshira-paka, if the exigencies of the case so require. - Dallana.