† Additional Text

A potion of the decoction of Haridri, Bhadra-musta, Tri-phala, Katuka, Nimba, Patola, Devada' ru and Kanta-ka'ri would cure a case of Tri-doshaja fever with indigestion, water-brash, dropsy, cough and disrelish for food.

‡ Dallana includes this line also in the additional text.

§ According to Dallnaa the decoction of Tri-phala' should be used.

Guduchi, Nimba * and Dhatri duly mixed with honey, may be likewise prescribed (in a case of Chaturthaka fever). The patient should be likewise made to take Las'una (garlic) with clarified butter. The three decoctions duly prepared with three, four or all of the following drugs, viz:. - Madhuka, Patola, Katuka, Mus-talca (D. R. - Batsaka) and Haritaki † should be likewise administered. 110 - 111

A potion consisting of milk, clarified butter, sugar, honey and Pippali should be administered according to the strength of the patient. Similarly Pippali should be taken with the decoction of Das'a-mula. Pippali-Bardhamana (see chapter V (Medical Treatment Of Snake-Bites (Sarpa-Dashta Kaipa-Chikitsitam)), Chikitsita-sthana) should be likewise used by a patient who should then be made to take only milk or meat-soup. The use of good wine with the meat of fowl is also recommended. 112

Use of medicated Ghrita in cases of

Vishama J Wara

Clarified butter duly cooked with the decoction of Kola, ‡ Agnimantha and Tri-phala, with milk-curd (Dadhi), with Tilvaka as Kalka would be found to be highly efficacious in a case of Vishama Jwara A potion of clarified butter duly cooked with the Kalka (and decoction - Dallana) of Pippali, Ativisha, Draksha, Sarria, Vilva, Chandana (red), Katuka, Iudra-yava, Us'ira, Simhi, Tamalaki,Musta, Trayamana, S'thira (Sala-parni), Amlaki, S'unthi and Chitraka would be found highly beneficial to irregular (Vishama) appetite and would cure cases of chronic fever, headache, Gulma, Udara (ascites), Halimaka, consumption, cough, burning sensation in the body and pain at the sides, 113 - 114

* Chakra'latta reads "Musta" in place of "Nimba".

† Dallana says that some commentators are inclined to use the decoction of the 16 different combinations of the five drugs taken three, four or five at a time.

(25) Kola Is Here Used For Pancha-Kola, Viz

Pippali, Pippali-rools, Chavya, Chitrala and Na'gara.

Guduchyadi Ghrita

The use of a medicated clarified butter duly cooked with the decoction of Guduchi, Tri-phala, Vasa (D. R. Rasna), Trayamana and Duralabha together with the Kalka of Draksha, Magadhika, (Pippali), Ambhoda (Musta), Nagara, Utpala and Chandana would be attended by good results in cases of consumption, asthma, cough and Jirna-Jwara (chronic fever). 115.

Kalasyadi Ghrita

Cases of chronic fever, headache, pain at the sides, cough, and of consumption (lit. - any wasting disease of the body attended with fever) would readily yield to the curative efficacy of a medicated clarified butter duly cooked and prepared with the decoction of Kalas'i (Prisni-parni), Vrihati, Draksha, Tryanti, Nimba, Gokshura, Vala, Parpataka, Musta, S'ala-parni and Yavasaka and with the Kalka of S'athi, Tamalaki, Bhargi, Meda, Kataka (D. R.- Amalaka) and Pushkara-roots and with milk twice as much as the clarified butter. 116.