Patoladi Ghirita

Clarified butter duly cooked with the Kalka of Patola, Parpata, Arishta (Nimba), Guduchi, Tri-phala, Brisha, Katuka, Ambitda (Musta), Bhu-nimba, Yavdsa, Yashti-madhu, Chandana, Darvi, lndra-yava, Us'ira, Trayamana, Rand and Utpala and with the expressed juice of Dhatri, Bhringa-raja, Abhiru (Satavari) and Kaka-machi readily proves curative in cases of Apachi (scrofula), Kushtha, fever, Sukra and Arjuna (two optical diseases), ulcer and in diseases of the mouth, ears, nose and the eyes. 117.

Kalyanaka Ghrita

Clarified butter duly cooked with the Kalka of Vidanga, Tri-phala, Musta,

Manjishtha, Dadima, Utpala, Priyaugu, Ela, Elavaluka, Chandana, Devadaru, Varhistha (Valaka), Kushtha, Haridra, the two kinds of Parnni and of Sariva, Hare-nuka, Trivrit, Danti, Vacka, Talis a, Kes'ara and Malati flowers with milk twice as much as clarified butter, is called the Kalyanaka Grhrita. The range of its therapeutic application inckides such diseases as Vishama Jwara, asthma, Gulma, insanity and diseases clue to the effect of any poison. It is auspicious and it removes affections due to the evil influences of malignant spirits and demons, etc., dulness of appetite, epileptic fits, senile decay, sterility and diseases of the seminal cord. It invigorates the eye-sight and imparts memory and longevity to the person who uses it. 118.

Maha-Kalyanaka Ghrita

A Prastha measure of clarified butter made from the milk of a cow of Kapila species and duly cooked with the Kalka of the preceding drugs and the drugs known as Sarva-gandha (Eiadi-gana) and with (dead) gold and gems should again be duly cooked with the Kalka of Sumanah, Champaka, As'oka and S'irisha flowers and with Nalada and Padma (red lotus) and the polens of Dadwia flowers with the milk of a cow of the same species. It should be prepared under the auspicious of favourable astral combinations and lunar planes of both the physician and of the patient and then be duly consecrated by Bramhanas. It is called Maha-Kalya'-liaka Ghrita and .nay be prescribed for a king. It proves curative in all forms of fever. Its very touch and sight confers bliss and destroys disease. Its use enables a man to live to three hundred years free from disease and decay and to remain invincible against the attacks of all created beings. 119


Fqual parts of milk, curd, clarified butter and urine of a cow and the expressed fluid of cow-dung duly cooked with the Kalka of Tri-phala, Chitraka, Musta, the two kinds of Haridra, Ativisha, Vacha, Vidanga, Tri-katu, Chavya and Sura-daru prove curative in Vishama Jwara. It is called Pau-cha-Gavya-Ghrita. The same five substances obtained from a cow (e.g., milk, curd, clarified butter, urine and the expressed liquid of cow-dung) may be duly cooked without the addition of any Kalka as also with the above Kalkas and the expressed juice of Vasaka or of Vala, or of Guduchi. * All of these medicated Ghritas are efficacious in cases of Jirna Jwara (chronic fever), chlorosis and edema. The same five substances (e. g. milk, curd, clarified butter, urine and the expressed fluid of dung) of a she-sheep, a she-goat or a she-buffalo and the four substances ( e. g. milk curd, clarified butter and urine) of a she-came! may be prepared (and used) in the same manner. 120-122.