Tri-Phaladi Ghrita

Clarified butter duly cooked with the Kalkas † of Tri-phals, Us'ira, Sam-paka, Katuka, Ativisha, S'atsvari, Sapta-parna, Guduchi, the two kinds of Rajani, Chitraka, Trivrita, Murva, Patola, Arishta, Valaka, Kirata-tikta, Vacha, Visala, Padmaka, Utpala, the two Kinds of Sariva, Yashti-madhu, Chavika, Rakta-chandana, Durdlabha, Parpataka, Trayamana, Atarnshaka (Vasaka), Rasna, Kumkuma (saffron), Manjishtha, Magadhi and Nagara with the expressed juice of Dhatri weighing twice as much as clarified butter proves curative in Parisarpa (erysipelas), fever, Asthma, Gulma, Kushtha, Chlorosis, enlargement of the spleen and dulness of appetite. 123.

* Dallana says that the expressed juice of Vasak.i, Bala or Guduchi, should be separately used along with the ordinary Kalkas (Tri-phala, etc.) of the Pancha-gavya Ghrita. But we are inclined to take the lines to mean that Vasaki, Vala and Guduchi should be separately used as Kalkas in place of the ordinary Kalkas.

† Some here add Ghana (Musta) with the other Kalkas.

One Pala weight each of Patola, Katuka, Darvi, Nimba, Vasa, Tri-phala, Duralabha, Parpataka and Trayamana and a Prastha measure of Amalaka should be boiled in one Drona measure of water down to its quarter measure. A Prastha measure of Ghrita should then be cooked with the above decoctions. * The Ghrita thus prepared proves curative in cases of Rakta-pitta, diseases due to Kapha, perspiration, muco-purulent discharges, atrophy of the limbs, fever, chlorosis, erysipelas and Ganda-mala (scrofula). 124,


Boiled milk, sugar, Pippalt, honey and clarified butter should be taken by stirring them together with hands. The compound is called Pancha-sara and may be employed with advantage in cases of Vishama-Jwara, Kshata-Kshina, consumption, asthma and affections of the heart. 125.

Medicated Tailas

A medicated oil duly prepared by cooking it with Laksha, Vis'va, Nis'a, Murva, Manjishtha, Sarjika and Amaya (Kushtha) as Kalka and with Takra weighing six times as much as oil acts as a febrifuge. A medicated oil duly cooked and prepared with Kshiri-Vriksha, Asana, Arishta, Jambu, Sapta-chchhada, Arjuna, S'irisha, Khadira, Asphota, Amrita-valli, Atantsliaka, Katuka, Parpata, Us'ira, Vacha, Tejovati and Ghana as Kalka may be employed in anointing the body of the patient in a case of Jirna-Jwara with benefit. 126 - 127.

Additional Text

Some recommend the use of Kutaja, Bhu-nitnba, Ghana (Musta), Yashti-madhu, Chandana and Pippali as Kalka in the preparation of this Ghrita and that it proves efficacious in the diseases of the eye, nose, ear, mouth and of the white part of the eye and of the eye-lid and in ulcer.

The patient should be frightened with a non-veno-mous snake, trained elephants and bogus thieves (or rebuked with a thievish act falsely supposed to have been committed by him before) at the appointed date and hour of the paroxysm and be kept in empty stomach for the day. In the alternative, he should be fed with heavy and extremely secreting articles (milk, milk-curd, etc.) and be made to continually vomit out the contents of his stomach afterwards, or he should be made to drink any strong liquor, or febrifugal medicated clarified butter or simply matured clarified butter in copious quantity or be treated with drastic purgatives, or withlfomentations followed by Nirudha-Vasti application on the date of the expected attack. 128.