General Treatment Of The Complications

The deranged Pitta should be crushed and remedied first of all in a case of fever, involving therewith the co-operation of any of the deranged Doshas of the body, in as much as it is extremely hard to subdue the deranged Pitta especially in a case of fever. Such distressing symptoms as vomiting, epileptic fits, thirst, etc. should be remedied with such therapeutic agents as are not hostile or aggravating to the principal disease (fever) but are antidotal to the exciting factors. 138.

* "Sita-kasaya" may here mean either the cold infusion of the drugs or only the cold decoction.

Specific Treatment Of The Complications

Now hear me tell you other specific remedies for the complications. A plaster composed of Yashti-madhu, Rajani, Musta, Dadima, Amla-vetasa, Rasanjana, Tintidika (tamarind), Nalada (Mansi), Patra, Utpala, Tvak (cinnamon), Vyaghra-nakka, the expressed juice of Matulunga, hone)- and Madhu-s'ukta, * if applied to the head, would alleviate heat in the head, delirium, vomiting, hic-cough, and shivering - concomitants in cases of fever. Vomiting would yield to the use of a compound consisting of Madhuka flower, Hrivera, Utpala and Madhulika mixed with honey and clarified butter and used to be licked up with the tongue as a lambative. It is equally efficacious in water-brash, hic-cough, Rakta-pitta (hemoptisis) and asthma. Fits of cough and asthma in cases of fever readily yield to the use of the electuary prepared with Tri-phala, Pippali and Mak-shika † and mixed with honey and clarified butter.

139 - 141

A plaster of Vidari, Dadima, Lodhra, Dadhittha and

* Malhu-s'ukta is prepared by preserving the expressed juice of Jambira - lemon, Pippali and honey in an earthen pot formerly used in keeping honey. It should be laid for a month under the heap of paddy before use. (Dallana) For an alternative mode of preparation seeSpecific Treatment Of The Complications 30083

Chapter X -Specific Treatment Of The Complications 30084

† Dallana takes "Makshika" in the sense of honey and comments largely on the seperate use of honeySpecific Treatment Of The Complications 30085 in the compound. But we arcinclined to take "Makshika" as the mineral of the same name.

Vijapuraka pasted together may be applied with advantage to the scalf of a fever-patient afflicted with thirst and burning sensation. Pastes of Dadima and sugar, and of Draksha and Amalaka, if kept in the mouth, or a gargle (Gandusha) of milk, expressed juice of sugar-cane, Madhvika, * clarified butter, oil and warm water, according to the exigency of the case, would remove the bad taste in the mouth in fever. An empty feeling in the head in fever would be relieved by using as an errhine (Nasya) the medicated clarified butter prepared with the drugs of the Jivaniya group. 142 - 144.

A pulverised compound consisting of Tri-phala S'ya'ma', Trivrit and Pippali mixed with honey and sugar, can be given for purgative purposes with benefit after the digestion of the derangsd Dosha in a case of chronic Pittaja fever, in an up-coursing Raktapitta and in shivering. The system of the patient should be cleansed with similar purgatives and lardaceous lubrications in cases of Kaphaja and Vataja fever. Lambative of honey, sugar and Abhaya' should be given in a case marked by vertigo (Bhrama) even after the subsidence of the aggravated Dosha. 145.