Symptoms Of Remission

The features or indications which mark a complete remission of fever, are lightness of the head, flow of perspiration, pale and yellowish colour of the face, sneezing and desire for food, 156.

Fever originating from the wrath-fire of the god Sambhu, is a dangerous disease. It affects appetite and the strength as well as the complexion of the body and is virtually the sum-total of all the other diseases. It is, therefore, called the lord of all bodily diseases. It is common to all created beings (men and animals), affects the whole of the organism (including also the mind), is extremely hard to cure and is present in all cases at the time of the death of all creatures. Hence it is rightly called the destroyer of created beings. 157.

Thus ends the thirty-ninth chapter of the Uttara Tantra in the Sus'rutra Samhita which deals with the (symptoms and) medical treatment of fever.