Administration Of Ghrita

The residue of the deranged bodily Dosha having lurked in the system (of a patient) even after the exhibition of proper emetics and purgatives, the fever should be remedied by draughts of medicated clarified butter, if the system of the patient be sufficiently dry (Ruksha). 57.

A weak patient with only a small quantity of the deranged bodily Dosha should be treated with the help of soothing (Samaniya) remedies. Fasting should be the principal cure for all types of fever due to (Santar-pana) over-eating etc., provided the patient be found to possess sufficient strength. 58.

Diet :- Diluted barley gruel (Yavagu) should be given to a patient constantly feeling thirsty and with impaired digestion. Powdered parched corn (paddy) mixed with honey and water should be given in copious quantity to a patient suffering from the after-effect of liquor, and afflicted with vomiting, thirst, burning or perspiration and it should be followed, when duly digested, by meals of rice-soup and meat-soup. A diet consisting of boiled rice mixed with meat-soup should be given to a patient suffering from an attack of fever marked by the preponderance of the bodily Vayu, as well as in a mild type * of fever due to fasting or over-fatiguing physical labour. The diet in a case of Kaphaja fever should consist of boiled rice and of Mudga pulse. In a case of Pittaja fever it should consist of boiled rice and a soup of Mudga pulse and be taken, when cold, with the admixture of sugar. In a case marked by the concerted action of the deranged Vayu and Pitta, the diet should consist of Mudga soup mixed with (the expressed juice of) Ama-laka or Dadima. In a case of Vata-s'leshma fever the diet should be prescribed to be taken with the soup of tender radish, while in one of Kapha-pitta type it should consist of the soup of the leaves of Nimba and Patola. 59 - 60.

Laja-tarpaua - powdered parched corn (paddy) mixed with a copious quantity of water and with honey (and sugar) - should be given, instead of any other diet (e.g

* This passage is quoted by S'reekantha Datta in his commentary on Chakra-datta wherein he does not readAdministration Of Ghrita 30080 (mild type), and his reading appears to be the better one, it being supported by Charaka as well.

boiled rice) to a patient suffering from fever marked by burning sensation, vomiting, thirst and weakness. Yavagu is not beneficial in summer as a diet in a case of Kapha-pittaja fever or in a case of Rakta-pitta (Hemoptysis?) or in the case of a habitual drunkard. Such a case should be treated with the soup of any pulse or of the meat of Jangala animal with or without any acid juice. 61 - 62.

Prepared barley mixed with any old wine would prove beneficial in cases of (fever accompanied by) a dullness of appetite. Takra (butter-milk or whey) mixed with the powdered Tri-katu should be given in case of disrelish for food due to the action of the derails-ed Kapha. 63-A.